How to Cope with the Family Bully at Christmas Time


How to Cope with the Family Bully at Christmas Time
Dealing with a family bully during the festive season can be challenging, but employing certain strategies can help mitigate stress and create a more harmonious holiday atmosphere.

Firstly, it’s crucial to set clear boundaries. Clearly communicate with the family member exhibiting bullying behaviour, expressing your feelings and making it known that their actions are unacceptable. Assertively but calmly let them know the impact of their behaviour on you and others. This direct communication can sometimes bring about self-awareness in the bully and prompt a change in their conduct.

  • Choose your battles wisely. While addressing the issue is important, it’s equally essential to recognise situations where confrontation may escalate tension. Prioritise your mental well-being and avoid unnecessary conflicts that could overshadow the joy of the holiday season.
  • Create a support system. Reach out to other family members or friends who may share similar sentiments or have witnessed the bullying behaviour. Having allies can provide emotional support and may even encourage the bully to reconsider their actions if they see a united front against their behaviour.
  • Practice self-care. The holiday season is a time for joy and relaxation, so ensure you prioritise your well-being. Take breaks when needed, engage in activities that bring you comfort, and consider seeking professional support, such as therapy, to navigate the emotional challenges associated with dealing with a family bully.
  • Establish boundaries for yourself. If the bullying persists, consider setting clear boundaries regarding your interactions with the individual. This may involve limiting your time with them during family gatherings or finding ways to engage with them in a manner that minimises potential conflict.
  • Consider seeking professional intervention. If the bullying behaviour persists and significantly impacts your mental health, involving a mediator or seeking professional help, such as family counselling, can provide a structured environment for addressing and resolving family conflicts.
  • Remember, coping with a family bully during Christmas requires a combination of assertiveness, self-care, and, if necessary, seeking external support to ensure a more enjoyable and peaceful holiday season.


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