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How to care for your hair while looking after the environment

How to care for your hair while looking after the environment

As luxury sustainable haircare brand Pureology turns 20, we take a look a the renovated line-up that keeps hair healthy while caring for the planet.

How to care for your hair while looking after the environment

If you’ve ever tried to switch out your go-to beauty products for clean, green formulations, you’ll know that it’s not always easy. For a start, switching out traditional ingredients in favour of nasty-free formulations has often meant sacrificing real results. Then there’s the luxurious, sensorial experience that green products often forgo in favour of a pared-back approach. And then, of course, trying to decipher fact from fiction within the green beauty world can be tricky as not all brands live up to their promise of caring for the environment. 

Fortunately, when it comes to hair care, clean and green beauty pioneer Pureology ticks all of the above boxes. With 20 years of research, experience and innovation behind the brand, Pureology is synonymous with not only luxurious sustainability but also hair care that delivers real, noticeable results.

Colour Care Without Compromise

With more of us using purchasing power to align with our lifestyle choices, investing in formulations that care for the planet while doing what they say they will have become a priority. But when it comes to clean, green haircare, not all brands are created equal.

Since Pureology’s inception in California 20 years ago, the product range has always been 100 per cent vegan and sulfate free. Today, in 2020, as the Pureology line-up gets a revamp – including new formulas, the return of the much-loved Pure Volume range, and new Nano-Works collection – the brand remains committed to its promise of caring for hair without compromise. 

High-performing ingredients, high-lather formulas, and experiential fragrances are at the heart of Pureology’s Sulfate-Free line. And with over 30 different products within the Pureology family – including shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products – there’s something to cater for all hair types. As well as being 100 per cent vegan friendly and sulfate free, Pureology formulas are free from parabens and mineral oils too.

To get the best possible results, Pureology harnesses a powerful cocktail of ingredients that nourish hair from the roots through to the ends. Rather than use tradition sulfates that can strip hair of nourishing oils and hydration, Pureology’s sulfate-free approach utilises a game-changing blend of corn, coconut and sugar to deeply cleanse hair without damaging colour. 

Pureology’s clever Antifade Complex also means colour-treated hair stays lustrous and vibrant for longer. A combination of sunflower seed, a UV filter and vitamin E fend off environmental factors that can lead to dull hair to ensure lasting shine and colour. And because every single Pureology formulation is incredibly concentrated, you need a lot less product to get the job done. In fact, one bottle of Pureology shampoo boasts over 70 applications. 

A New Commitment to The Planet

The Pureology promise goes further than the promise of great hair. For two decades Pureology has been at the helm of the green beauty movement, and now, as the brand celebrates the milestone it’s going the extra mile to strengthen its commitment to the planet.

Plastic pollution is at the forefront of the minds of many conscious beauty consumers. With this in mind, each Pureology bottle is made from 95 per cent recycled plastic that is 100 per cent recyclable.

The next-generation Pureology also sees a holistic approach to the future of the planet. With a commitment to a reduced carbon footprint during the sourcing of ingredients and raw materials and increased water conservation, Pureology proves that healthy hair shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. 

Click here to find the Pureology hair care that’s right for you and to shop the collection.

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