How to bring the outdoors in by embracing biophilic design


Leon Dining Table and Chairs
Leon Dining Table and Chairs
We all know that immersing ourselves in nature has advantages for our wellbeing, including improved mood and reduced stress.

We can harness these benefits through our interior decoration too, by adopting biophilic design, an approach to architecture and interior design that seeks to connect people more closely with nature.

By designing spaces that incorporate natural materials, patterns and light, we can create a more natural and organic look within our homes that improves feelings of wellness.

Mocka has a range of functional, design-led pieces that can help you adopt biophilic design principles in your home, at a price that doesn’t cost the earth.

Natural textures and materials

  • Rattan

Lightweight and durable, rattan is a smart choice for furniture and other decorative items. Its natural texture and colour also create a calming and relaxing atmosphere by calling to mind the tropical regions where the material grows.

Mocka’s Claremont range includes pieces in statement black combined with rattan features, while the Canyon range’s all-natural colour palette with on-trend arches offer soothing additions to spaces.

Canyon Six Drawer
  • Marble look

As a natural stone, marble can bring a sense of organic beauty to your interiors. 

Even achieving the look through a faux marble can provide the benefits of biophilic design. The newly launched Lewis range of tables, including coffee and console tables, are an easy way to bring this elegance into your home.

  • Wood

Wood has a natural warmth and texture that can add depth and organic flow to a space. It can also enhance a peaceful atmosphere and evoke comfort and wellbeing.

Considering biophilic design when buying a baby cot is a great way to bring tranquillity to your baby’s room. Mocka’s best-selling Aspen Cot is a wonderful choice with its classic, calming hue.

Aspen Cot – Natural Birch

The cot pairs well with the Jolt range of drawers in Natural thanks to the high-quality wood-look finish.

Continue the biophilic flow into the dining room with one of Mocka’s dining sets, such as the new Leon dining range, with sturdy tubular rubber wood legs and beautifully crafted to be both comfortable and stylish.

Leon Dining Table and Chairs

Nature-inspired colour palette

  • Earthy tones

Earthy colours like browns, greens and tans can be used to offer a sense of grounding to a space. 

The newly launched Londyn dining chairs add comfort with their rust hue and plush velvet upholstery.

Londyn Dining Chairs
  • Blues and greens

As they’re colours commonly found in nature, blues and greens can add to a feeling of relaxation in a space.

The Eros buffet and bedside table boast a green hue inspired by native fauna, evoking the leaves and fruit of the olive tree.

Eros Buffet
  • Natural wood tones

There’s much variety when it comes to wood tones, and they are a simple way to add warmth and texture to a space. 

For a rich walnut look, consider the Rupert range with its dark, sophisticated finish, or the mid-century-inspired Edmond range. 

There are many more fantastic bedroom drawer options in timeless natural look finishes to be found here.

Rupert Six Drawer

Shop these and many other affordable designs at Mocka online.

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