How healthy is your man?


How healthy is your man?

Listen up ladies, because we know that’s not a particularly good trait of your significant other – listening and the following instruction. June 11 – 17 is Men’s Health Week in New Zealand, and it may come down to you to ensure he is in tip-top shape.

Getting yourself checked out by a doctor regularly is a chore for most of us, but a necessity to ensure that we remain fit, healthy and live a long life. So, with the help of the guys at we have put together a list of questions you can quiz you man on to ensure that he is firing on all cylinders. And if not, then it’s off to the doctor.

Know your numbers

This year Men’s Health Week encourages guys to take the Accuro What’s Your Score? health survey.

Some of the important questions to ask are:


Have you had your blood pressure checked in the last 6 months?

Have you had your cholesterol checked in the last year?

Have you had your blood sugar checked in the last year?

Have you spoken to your doctor about your prostate?

Do you deliberately limit the amount of fats in your diet?

Have you spoken to your doctor about your bowel cancer risk?

Do you get mild pain and inflammation in your joints?

Are you a non-smoker?

Do you have a partner, close friend or relative who is there for you in tough times?

On average, how much physical activity do you do each week?

Do you have at least 3 alcohol-free days per week?

Do you eat 5 or more serves of fruit and vegetables per day?

Have you had your skin checked in the last year?

Have you ever been for a general men’s health checkup when you are not sick?

Have either of your parents, or any of your brothers and sisters been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

Do you regularly check your testicles for lumps or other abnormalities?

Do you feel ok about getting help when you feel down?

Do you take a Men’s multi-vitamin?


Obviously, age and other known health concerns play a role in how these questions are answered. But encourage your man to take the Accuro What’s Your Score? survey, and be sure that he is doing all that he needs to be doing to stay healthy.


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