Scientists Pave the Way for Treating and Managing Ageing as a Disease

By Kathryn Chung

Scientists Pave the Way for Treating and Managing Ageing as a Disease
Some scientists are eyeing a future where ageing is not an inevitability, but rather something that we can treat and manage like a disease. People are living longer than ever before, with the global average life expectancy having increased by almost 23 years over the past 60 years, according to the United Nations.

Meanwhile, research into longevity science is picking up pace. In January 2023, Australian-American biologist David Sinclair and his colleagues of the Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School published a study demonstrating how the loss of epigenetic information in mice accelerates the hallmarks of ageing. “This is the first study showing that we can have precise control of the biological age of a complex animal; that we can drive it forwards and backwards at will,” he said.

Quality over quantity still relevant

One of the key messages that researchers want to get across is that longevity science is not just about extending life, but extending the quality of life – working towards a future where people not only live longer, but do not suffer from age-related diseases like cancer, dementia or heart disease.

While much of longevity science is at the research and development stage, some are already delivering treatments to market. Tally Health, an anti-ageing startup led by Sinclair, offers DNA tests to assess biological age. Current users have to fork out $US129 a month for a subscription which provides tests and daily supplements. As research continues to ramp up, one important question to keep in mind is the financial barrier. If it is possible to live longer and in better health, will this only be an option for the rich? Time will tell.


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