Enjoy a Healthier Easter

By Mariam Digges

Enjoy a Healthier Easter
Stop any chocolate-induced stomach cramps, or the kids from bouncing off the walls this Easter, with these handy tips.

Chocolate rations

Limit the kids to just one chocolate treat from all those goodies shimmering in the supermarket aisles. Not only will this stop them from over-indulging – only to crash from a sugar low afterwards, but it will also see them appreciating their one chosen treat more.

It’s called “Easter Sunday” for a reason

Gone are the days when families would fast in the lead-up to Easter, abstaining from chocolate, red meat, and other vices, before breaking the fast on Easter Sunday. With supermarkets stocking up on chocolate bunnies and eggs as early as January, the chocolate binge now spans longer than ever. Limit the chocolate indulging to just the Easter weekend, or better yet (and if you think you can get away with it), to only Easter Sunday. Gorging on sweet, high-in-fat sugary treats for days is not only bad for you, it can also instigate poor eating habits long after the Easter bunny has left – chocolate is addictive, after all.

Quality over quantity 

Investing in a small amount of good quality chocolate, over a bucketload of the inferior stuff, is by far the healthier option. Not only will you be reducing the quantity of chocolate lying around your home, but the cheaper grades often substitute flavour with extra sugar, resulting in a more sickly chocolate egg or bunny. Alternatively, try buying dark chocolate, and introducing the kids to it too. It’s higher in antioxidants, lower in fat, and more bitter – meaning you only need a small amount to sate your sweet tooth.

Encourage non-edible gifts

Ask your friends or family to buy you and the kids non-edible gifts this Easter, like Easter toys or egg-painting kits. A storybook, explaining the history of Easter, is another good option, as is a special day’s outing together. Be creative, and make it an Easter to remember… for all the right reasons! Your body will thank you for it.



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