The health benefits of yoga

By Kate Hassett

Health Benefits of Yoga | MINDFOOD Health & Fitness
We know we feel good after a yoga session, but what exactly are the health benefits of regular practice?

Yoga boasts multiple health benefits including increased flexibility, stronger muscles and importantly, an increased mindfulness, but what many don’t realise is that Yoga is not just about flexing and bending. The ancient discipline is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that many devote their entire lives to.

This 5000 year-old practice is associated with a vast array of health benefits which are also medically and scientifically recognised around the world.


Practicing yoga helps to calm the mind and decrease cortisone and adrenaline hormones.

Try these 5 easy yoga poses for instant calm


The physiological symptoms of insomnia can be dealt with by doing some specific yoga poses, helping to keep the mind quiet for a good night’s sleep. The calming and meditative effect of yoga on the body and mind is an excellent way to assist the treatment of insomnia or other sleep related issues.

Try these poses tonight


By incorporating the practice of yoga into your life you will notice a significant increase in the neurotransmitter serotonin which assists in regulating sleep, mood and appetite.

Restorative yoga poses leave you feeling rested and support the idea of relaxation and calm surrender


The breathing exercises associated with consistent practice of yoga help to decrease the respiratory rate, reducing related health problems such as asthma, bronchitis and sinuses. Similarly the practice improves blood circulation, assisting the transportation of nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.

Detox and de-stress with Kundalini yoga


Yoga can provide a quick energy tune-up to stimulate the natural flow of energy upwards. Giving all the internal organs a gentle massage to improve digestion and overall health, yoga poses such as those described in Kundalini yoga can promote a much more effective digestive system.

Try these poses for better digestion. 


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