Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Lands Downunder

For some time now, we have watched from afar as Gwyneth Paltrow established her influential lifestyle brand Goop in the US, including bemusedly absorbing such tidbits as gift guides with a $1200 Ouija board, health warnings around her Netflix show a US$75 This Smells Like My Vagina candle and other assorted controversies.

What started as a new-agey, clean and green health and wellness newsletter, has grown into a mega brand with a significant retail arm, but it’s shoppable content has mostly remained out of reach to NZ shoppers. 

That’s set to change with the arrival of the goop beauty collection at Mecca in NZ, initially available only via

The launch is intended to coincide with the Australian opening of Mecca’s new Sydney flagship in the city’s heritage Gowings building. The 1,800m new space spread over four levels is the biggest beauty emporium yet for the brand and the initial exclusive goop in-store stockist, although the brand will be available elsewhere in Australia and NZ via Mecca’s website.

The beauty offering encompasses a selection of high end active skin and body care – and one shampoo – formulated within predictably strict parameters, giving parabens, petroleum, phthalates, SLS, SLES, PEGs, TEA, silicones,artificial dyes or fragrances and is not tested on animals. 

The range available at launch includes:

  • Goopglow Mircroderm Instant Glow Exfoliator, $221,
    Goopglow 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel, $221,
  • Goopglow 20% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Glow Serum $221, 
  • 5% Glycolic Overnight Glow Peel Light, $221, 
  • Goopglow Body Luminizer, $85, 
  • G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush, $35, 
  • G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo, $74, 
  • G.Tox 5 Salt Body Scrub, $71, 
  • Goopgenes All-In-One Nourishing Face Cream, $168  
  • Goopgenes All-In-One Nourishing Eye Cream, $97

The range will be available from on November 27.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Embraces The Chaos of 2020 with Bold New Collection

Stolen Girlfriends Club presented its new fashion collection ‘ Is there music in the afterlife?’ in a typically non-conformist manner, holding a music and fashion extravaganza – or ‘super club’ – for invited guests and fans, the range immediately available for purchase via the label’s website.

With 48 models involved in the presentation, walking a two-level, 53m catwalk scaffold, beyond the clothes, the beauty look needed to contribute to the unisex collection’s dramatic overarching theme which acknowledges the challenges of 2020, or as designer Marc Moore put it, “The brave new worlds that can arise from destruction and chaos.”

MAC senior artist Kiekie Stanners created three key beauty looks combining current global makeup trends with theatrical storytelling.

“This season’s Stolen Girlfriends Club show really captures the mood of 2020. The opening references brighter times at the start of the year then quickly heads into darker territory where we saw the world turned upside down. The finale brings us to present-day, a light on the horizon here in New Zealand, and I really wanted the beauty story to take you on this journey too.

“The opening and closing beauty looks showcase a refinement and optimism – radiant wet-look skin, strong brows and a pastel wash of colour over the eyelids as a nod to the sunny days and blue skies at either end of the year. Yet through the middle of the show, amongst the dark leather-clad styling, we see a type of ‘Mad Max’ gang where classic beauty just wouldn’t fit. This is where I wanted to create a post-punk makeup vibe hence the graphic neon spray-paint effect across the face. The idea of this part of the year was cancelled, so beauty was cancelled for this moment too.”