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Give your cocktails a kick with home grown herbs

Give your cocktails a kick with home grown herbs

Grow your own herbs to shake up your cocktails.

Give your cocktails a kick with home grown herbs

Narelle Peart from Scotts Osmocote says “It is easy to make your cocktails look like they are fresh from that fancy city bar if you have the right ingredients.”

“Not only are herbs low maintenance and require little space, they are great for adding that extra flavour or finishing garnish.”

For those looking to get creative with their cocktails, Peart has put together a list of her top five herbs and how to use them.

The Perfect Mojito

Mint is one of the staple herbs and is used in a variety of cocktails whether it is as a fresh garnish or just to exacerbate flavour.

Simply grow your new herb in either a mason jar on the windowsill or in a pot in backyard (or it will take over your whole garden!) and nurture its growth by using a premium potting mix.

Once grown, pick the leaves and use them to create the perfect mojito.

Give your G&T a kick

Sweet basil is an incredibly versatile herb, most commonly known for savoury dishes, cocktails and everything in between.

Much like mint, this herb can add that extra pop of flavour to spirits such as tequila, vodka and gin, and looks great when added to martinis.

When growing this herb, water daily and try positioning it on your windowsill or in a yard that is exposed to plenty of sunlight.

A classic Negroni

If you are looking for something to put the perfect twist on a classic Negroni, try adding some freshly grown oregano to the mix.

For optimal results, plant oregano in well-drained mix that is positioned in full sun. Just remember oregano doesn’t like too much water.

Floral Flavour

Lavender is one of the most aesthetically pleasing herbs to add to any cocktail and gives that added floral flavour like no other.

In particular, this herb is fantastic when paired with spirits such as vodka or gin, making your next gin and tonic aromatherapy in a glass.

Lavender is easy to grow when placed in a container that is exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure to water daily and harvest once blossoms begin to open.

Not-so Old Fashioned

Rosemary has such a smoky, woody flavour to it that perfectly compliments some of the most iconic cocktails.

This herb can create a great spin on the typical whiskey sour or old fashioned.

For optimum growth, place cuttings of rosemary in a pot located in the sunlight and pair with a premium potting mix that is boosted with natural nitrogen and other organic ingredients designed for optimal plant growth.

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