Trending in Scent: Fragrance Expert Nick Smart Shares His Tips

Thinking about investing in a luxury fragrance? Nick Smart, fragrance guru and founder of Agence de Parfum, is across everything happening in the world of niche fragrance right now.


The biggest changes that are happening in fragrance right now are… shared fragrance that both men and women can wear and a trend toward multi-functionality scents that can be worn at any time. Travel sizes and discovery sets are in very high demand as well.

The fragrance fanatic right now is… more informed and more ingredient savvy. There’s been a move towards clean fragrances, ethically sourced ingredients and an increase in online traffic. In the niche category the astute customer is still looking for the experience and a chance to ask questions and discover new fragrances.

The current fragrance notes to watch are… iris and mimosa notes are currently on trend, lending to fragrances a powdery, sophisticated nuance.

The mistake we make when shopping for fragrance is… not trying enough fragrances. Aim for at least three, one being the fragrance you like most, then compare it with at least two alternatives.

Luxury fragrances are worth spending on because… of the quality, refinement, packaging, and most importantly, the story behind the brand. The history, production methodology and pure raw materials. These natural, superbly constructed fragrances will last on the skin up to three times more, due to higher concentration of raw materials. 

This season I will be wearing… Santal Volcanique by Maison Crivelli.

Favourite place to shop for fragrance… Lubin Boutique Paris

The best masculine fragrance right now is… Santal Volcanique – Maison Crivelli – easy wearing, sandalwood, multi functional. 

Best feminine fragrance right now is… Phantasma by Liquides Imaginaires, it’s a soft, delicate woody/citrus floral – easy wearing.

Best shared fragrance right now is… Idole De Lubin- Woody, sophisticated, multi functional, warming, robust, long lasting.

Beauty Q&A: Bee Shapiro’s Favourite Fragrances and Skincare Routine

As a renowned beauty editor and founder of fragrance house Ellis Brooklyn, Bee Shapiro knows a thing or two about skincare. She talks to STYLE about her favourite fragrances, skincare routine and the beauty advice she’s passing on to her daughters. 

Your desk must be inundated with the worlds most interesting products. How do you decide what makes it into your routine?

I start with the ingredient listing. I want to see it’s interesting and uses quality ingredients – is there some ingredient I haven’t seen before? I’m interested in clinical trials as it shows that a brand is not just claiming things out of the blue. I then look at packaging and assess texture. It’s only after all that try the product. I try it for a 27-day period which is a full skincare cycle. It sounds technical but it’s also fuelled by gut and emotion. sometimes I love something because it feels good on!

What is your day-to-day Ellis Brooklyn scent?

I wear MYTH and Iso Gamma Super together. I always wore MYTH but I’ve found that Iso Gamma Super with it gives the scent even more depth and complexity.

What does your current skincare routine look like?

I currently love the Dr. Barbara Sturm Cleanser or the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. I usually go for something with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C fora serum. Innisfree has a very affordable hyaluronic acid serum. I also like those by Versed and Skinceuticals.

For a cream, I like richness but I try to avoid silicones when I can. I’ll also use a liquid acid-based exfoliator about three times a week. The Biologique Recherche one is still the best but I know it’s not clean!

What beauty advice will you be sharing with your daughters?

I’m a product lover and always have been. But rather than teaching them to buy buy buy, I want to share the fun aspects of beauty, which is that you can have these rituals like DIY face masks at home together. I also want to highlight to them that for me the best parts of beauty are the wellness aspects and also the freedom to be creative. I love that today’s makeup can be all over the place –how freeing.“I’m into the idea that we’re releasing a scent because it’s so terrific and compelling that I feel I need to share this with the world.”