Four easy ways to make your workouts more effective

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Functional training aims to incorporate "everyday" movements into your workout and is brilliant for your strength, stamina, coordination and overall health. ISTOCK
Workouts can be made more effective with shorter, more intense exercises.

Going to the gym is a great first step for a fitness journey, and the next step is to ensure that your workouts are effective.

It can be hard to make time for the gym, which is why it can be beneficial to opt for less time-consuming but more effective workouts.

Lee Mitchell, personal trainer and UK fitness ambassador at Renpho, has listed four ways to help you get the most out of your workout without spending unnecessary hours in the gym.

Time-savvy workouts

If you have a busy schedule and not much time for a leisurely trip to the gym, focusing on a shorter but well-thought-out workout could be the perfect answer.

“Let’s face it, life is busy – and spending hours at the gym isn’t always feasible. That’s why I highly recommend keeping your workouts within the 30-40 minute range,” Lee recommends.

“By focusing on shorter but high-intensity sessions, you can make the most of your gym time. High-intensity workouts have proven to be incredibly effective in maximising results, as they push your body to work harder in less time.”

Embrace intensity

Challenging yourself with more intense workouts will help improve your strength and endurance. Additionally, these kinds of workouts can be more rewarding and motivating.

“If you’re new to exercise, it’s crucial to start slow and build your endurance gradually. However, once you’ve established a solid fitness foundation, it’s time to step up your game and embrace high-intensity workouts,” the personal trainer explains.

“These challenging routines not only ignite your metabolism but also lead to impressive gains in strength and endurance.”

Lee adds, “Don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and try new, intense exercises.”

Protein power

Increasing your protein intake is important for repairing and building your muscles, particularly after intense workouts.

“When it comes to muscle building and recovery, protein is an absolute game-changer,” Lee says.

“Ensuring you get enough protein in your diet is essential for repairing and building muscle tissue after intense workouts. Consider incorporating protein shakes into your post-workout routine as a convenient and effective way to fuel your muscles with the nutrients they need to recover and grow stronger.”

Form matters

When it comes to strength training, it is vital to avoid rushing through the exercises.

“Take the time to focus on perfecting your form,” the expert advises.

“Lifting weights slowly and with control not only reduces the risk of injury but also increases the effectiveness of each repetition. Proper form ensures that you’re targeting the right muscles and getting the most out of every movement.”

Lee adds that you should “concentrate on your technique” as this will result in safer and more efficient workouts.



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