Foods with amazing healing benefits


Foods with amazing healing benefits
Foods for healing: Kitchen remedies you already have in your cupboard.

Quite often the healing power we’re looking for can be right under our nose. Whether it’s an at-home remedy for the common cold, a decongestant or an anti-bacterial aid, common ingredients found in everyday pantries could hold the secret to natural fixes for minor illnesses.

As always, these are not meant to replace prescription medication, or to be taken (as a substitute) without doctors consultation.


An everyday spice in nearly everybody’s kitchen, cinnamon has incredible healing benefits from improving your cognitive skills, to regulating blood sugar and cholesterol. Sprinkle into your morning coffee, put it in your smoothie or add  to your curries.

Coconut Oil

Aside from its delicious health benefits when used in cooking, coconut oil is an amazing all-rounder.

Containing antibacterial and anti fungal properties, coconut oil can be used to heal inflamed skin conditions like eczema or as a topical treatment for infant dermatitis like cradle cap.


This anti-nausea treatment also has anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in digestion as well as treatment for motion-sickness. Dice fresh ginger and place in hot water, or chew on a small piece to feel the benefits.

Manuka Honey

The wonderful healing benefits of this magical food  include – a delicious and effective cough remedy that will sooth a tired and sore throat. Similarly, the antimicrobial properties found in Manuka honey especially, acts as an incredible topical agent to combat minor skin infections.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is not just a staple ingredient for cooking, it can also be used for multiple ailments. Dissolved in warm water, this DIY saline solution can be used to clear open wounds,  minor infections, and is a fantastic nasal decongestant. Soaking in salts can also be a fantastic remedy to sore, overworked muscles at the end of a long day.



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