Foods To Help Shed Winter Weight Gain


Foods To Help Shed Winter Weight Gain
Figures from a survey by the NSW Food Authority and NSW Health, show 50% of men and 38% of women gain up to five kilograms over winter. With Spring just around the corner, many will try to lose this weight in the lead up to the warmer months. Instead of looking to the next fad diet to shift the excess weight, add these foods to your daily menu.

Eggs for breakfast

There’s no magic bullet for weight loss, the only equation that works is energy [food] in has to be less than energy [exercise] out. Your food choices will determine how you feel though, it’s pointless starving yourself only to crack and eat a block of chocolate. The key to managing healthy weight loss is to keep your energy levels up and your hunger at bay. Eggs are a great source of high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals, and are low in calories. Protein helps to reduce appetite, so you won’t be reaching for a calorie laden pastry by mid morning. Serve with a big side of leafy greens for added nutrients.


Reach for an apple when you have a slump in energy

If you notice a 3pm energy drop, grab an apple recommends Jonathan Rowley, Managing Director of Order-In, Jonathan Rowley. “Apples are packed with energy as they’re rich in fructose sugar, high in carbohydrates, as well as vitamin and mineral content. So, although it might not provide the same intense energy boost as chocolate or coffee it will supply a steady stream of glucose to the brains and muscles. Plus, it’s a much healthier alternative.”


Choose brown over white

Fibre rich foods can help you feel fuller for longer, manage blood glucose levels and help keep your digestive system on track. Fresh fruit and vegies are your best source of fibre, as are wholegrains and legumes. So next time you have some rice, pasta, or bread, go for the wholemeal /wholegrain variety rather than the white. Make every calorie count.


Seaweed can stop the body from absorbing fat

Rowley is also a fan of seaweed for keeping you healthy and free of excess weight. “Even if one isn’t a fan of sushi, a green nori salad, soba soup or a simple seaweed salad will do the trick.” Research from Newcastle University has found that the alginate in seaweed could be a key ingredient to losing weight as it can help suppress the digestion of fat in the gut.


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