Fluorescent Flowers Look Like They Come From Another World

By Danielle Pope

Fluorescent Flowers Look Like They Come From Another World
These dazzling photographs are taken with the use of UV induced visible fluorescence

In a series of photographs that would not look place out of a scene from Avatar, US photographer Craig P Burrows has managed to make rather ordinary flowers seem extraordinary.

The plants were captured using a type of photography called UVIVF or “ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence.” It is a relatively unknown process which brings out the glowing fluorescence in plant matter through the use of high-intensity UV lights.

The 28 year old photographer from Southern California has been practising photography since 2010, teaching himself through a combination of practice, online resources, and drawing from his academic background in physics.

He describes his genre as “alternative-light photography,” and says that he has a special interest in photographing infrared, ultraviolet, and ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence.

Burrow’s next challenge is aimed at capturing entire illuminated scenes like gardens and greenhouses. You can see more of his work via his Flickr and portfolio site here

Click through our gallery above to view these incredible photographs. All images courtesy of the artist.



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