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Flu survey reveals alarming influence of anti-vax movement

Flu survey reveals alarming influence of anti-vax movement

As the US struggles through a severe flu season, a new survey has revealed millennials are least likely to have had a flu shot.

Flu survey reveals alarming influence of anti-vax movement

The survey also shows millennials, aged 24 to 39, are more likely than other American adults to agree with some false anti-vaccination information regarding the flu vaccine.

The study commissioned by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) surveyed 1,000 US adults aged 25 to 73 about flu myths and misconceptions. 

The results revealed 51 per cent of participants hadn’t had a flu shot this season, with 32 per cent not planning to get one.

For millennials, 55 per cent had not had a vaccination, and 33 per cent don’t plan to get one.

While most millennial participants said they didn’t have time or simply forgot to get a flu shot, questions regarding the anti-vaccination movement revealed it could be another reason why young people are forgoing vaccination.

Alarmingly, about 61 per cent of millennials familiar with the anti-vaccination movement said they agreed with some of its beliefs.

That’s higher than the national rate among adults (52 per cent) and significantly more than baby boomers (42 per cent), showing a trend that younger adults may be more influenced by the anti-vaccination movement.

Additionally, when asked a series of questions about flu facts, 86 per cent of millennial respondents got at least one fact wrong and 31 per cent got all of them wrong.

This flu season, the United States has had 4,800 flu-related deaths so far including 32 children.

The best way to avoid getting the flu is to get the flu vaccine every year.

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