Floating villas set to revolutionise Maldives tourism

By Cover Media via Reuters Connect

Floating Villa in the Maldives
Floating villas could be the answer to for those wanting to visit The Maldives amid climate change.

‘Floating Villas’ are set to be built in The Maldives as part of a visionary project aimed at promoting sustainable tourism in the archipelago nation.

In a bid to offer a more sustainable alternative to the costly and environmentally damaging practice of land reconstruction in the Maldives, Copenhagen-based maritime architecture firm MAST has partnered with the local NGO “The Eco Org” to develop off-grid floating villas.

These innovative structures were presented to government ministers last August. This pioneering project not only seeks to preserve the delicate geographical features of the Maldives but also promises a unique experience for visitors.

he Maldives, consisting of a low-lying archipelago of 1,200 tropical islands, has witnessed a surge in land reconstruction projects in recent years due to the booming tourism industry and limited accessible land.

The construction of luxury resorts often involves covering coral reefs with sand, causing damage not only to the reefs themselves but also disrupting ocean currents. These projects frequently entail the transplantation of a significant number of mature trees and palm trees from other islands.

Floating villas aim to circumvent this harmful practice by anchoring in the vast protected areas of the lagoon surrounding the Maldives, where they would have a minimal impact on marine ecosystems.

The Floating Villas make use of various existing technologies, including solar cells, onboard wastewater treatment, and water production devices, to provide a high-end experience that is virtually indistinguishable from land-based resorts. The only noticeable differences are the gentle swaying during strong winds and the requirement for guests to access the villas by electric boat, swimming, or paddleboard.

MAST’s floating villa concept is currently in the conceptual stage, with further developments to be carried out in collaboration with Maldivian NGOs and the local community.


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