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5 top tips for night photography

5 top tips for night photography

How to best capture those beautiful images at night.

5 top tips for night photography

As novice photographers, we all learn very early on that light is our best friend (which is why it’s so scary when light starts to fade). According to Canon Collective’s Ambassadors, that’s when the real magic happens. Whilst it does take some practice (and a few basic tools), shooting in the dark has some perks. Here’s how to get that shot:

  1. “When shooting off Auto mode, it depends on what you’re shooting and whether you have a tripod. A good place to start is set the camera to TV mode with auto ISO then experiment with the shutter speed to get the best shot. I like the long exposures at 25 sec capturing the light trails of the boats as they pass through the harbour. Or a faster shutter speed for taking group pictures, like 1/60sec is good.” – Jenn Cooper, Canon Collective Ambassador
  2. “To flash or not to flash? Depends on the shot, I’ve never been a huge advocate for a flash myself but some people prefer it. If you’re photographing people in front of vivid lights, YES turn the flash on – but if you’re photographing the vivid lights in the distance – NO flash!” – Jenn Cooper, Canon Collective Ambassador
  3. “Keep in mind that your aperture can be used creatively, a narrow depth of field (f11-f14) accentuate detail throughout your entire frame and will help create a starburst effect.” – Emma Desira, Canon Collective Ambassador
  4. “Many cameras these days offer creative functions like ‘multiple exposures’ – which essentially is combining two or numerous separate exposures into one – so why not consider pushing your creative boundaries by using this features to bring two monuments together or take a new flip on a common scene.” – Colin Baker, Canon Collective Ambassador
  5. “Have you ever tried time-lapse? Night time is a fantastic opportunity to create short time-lapse sequences which when posted to social hold the viewer’s attention longer than a still frame. It also allow you to create a silent story line to engage your audience.” – Colin Baker, Canon Collective Ambassador
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