Five Minutes With: Daniel Cooper

What do think of the new theatre?

It’s amazing. It’s also a real honour to be part of the first show in the new space. I haven’t spent a great deal of time there yet as we don’t move rehearsals there until next week, but you can see already that it’s an amazing performance space with really good sight lines. You know that it’ll be a great experience for the audience.

What’s your favourite thing about it?

About the show? I’m enjoying the challenge of it. I have a background in dance – my career has been in dance for the past 15 years, mainly contemporary dance – so the “triple threat” of singing, dancing and acting is stretching me. I’m part of the ensemble chorus as well as Older Billy, so there’s a fair amount to singing to get to grips with. I did a fair bit of musical theatre in my youth, so it’s not all new

What was it like being part of the photoshoot?

I really enjoyed it. It was great to work with people from other professional backgrounds – models, hair and make-up and and all the fuss that goes with that [laughs].

How are rehearsals coming along?

Really well. We’ve got another week to fine tune it, but already it’s in really good shape. It’s a big show – two and a half hours – so there’s a lot in it, but we’re really pleased with it. Everyone is really looking forward to it.

And how is it to share the stage with the “mini me” young Billy Elliots?

Well, it’s a bit odd at times seeing yourself on stage [laughs], but they’re great. The three dancers who [take it in turns to] play Younger Billy are all incredibly hard working young men and great performers.

Thanks very much, Daniel. We wish you well with the show – do people still say break a leg?

Yes they do – very much so.

In that case, break a leg!

Daniel Cooper is photographed backstage at the new ASB Waterfront Theatre with MiNDFOOD STYLE cover model Liv O’Driscoll, who wears new season Hailwood with Prada heels.

Five minutes with Elle Macpherson

How does your new lingerie collection differ to projects you’ve worked on in the past? 

My past arrangement was a license. With Elle Macpherson Body I wanted to create a business venture that truly encapsulates my vision so I have formed a joint venture with a fantastic partner, Simon de Winter. He is a very successful Australian entrepreneur who is completely aligned with my hopes and aspirations for the brand and we are 50/50 partners. The collection Elle Macpherson Body is sexy yet sporty with great attention to detail, strong silhouettes and bold unexpected colours.

What is the biggest challenge in designing lingerie? 

I believe that true luxury is comfort and style. My aim was to design the perfect t-shirt bra, which I could never find, and I think I have achieved that.

Can you talk about the inspiration behind the collection? 

I wanted to design a collection that suited not only me but my teenage step-daughters as well. I wanted a collection that was designed for a modern woman and the way she lives her life every-day. Elle Macpherson Body is as much about attitude as it is about lingerie, reflecting the Australian lifestyle and its signature fresh, uncontrived spirit.

Who do you see wearing The Body? Did you design it with a certain woman in mind? 

I designed the collection for all modern woman. Beautiful and confident in her own skin, she could be any age or shape. 

 Do you have personal favourites from the line? 

At the heart of the collection is Body, a selection of modern sport inspired t-shirt bras and knickers in microfibre and air-tech mesh, which I love as there are a great variety of styles that I can wear with different outfits. My absolute favourite piece is the bodysuit, which is such a cool new silhouette and so easy to wear with jeans or a suit. 

You talk about the range flattering different body types. How were able to achieve this? 

Using design lines and clean styles, I hope I have created a wide variety of silhouettes to suit different body types. There is a lightly padded plunge push up bra that is great for smaller busts and unpadded bras which suit many bust shapes. There are bras from an A to a G cup, and soft cup bras with racerback details for a sporty yet sexy styling. I also focused on back detail as a woman often turns her back when dressing, I thought it was important to make sure the back have great styling as well.

We’ve paid attention to create high cut legs to elongate the leg and have placed back straps in such an apex as to accentuate broad shoulders and a narrow waist. I believe well designed lingerie can completely change your body shape. 


 What do you think the best way is to approach buying lingerie? 

Most importantly, get fitted properly. It makes such a difference when you wear the correct size and is so much more comfortable too! It can also create a cleaner silhouette under clothes – there is nothing worse that bulges in the wrong places due to too tight bra.

 Any tips for curating the perfect collection of lingerie? 

I would say to every woman to invest in fresh lingerie as often as possible – don’t wait for it to get old and tattered. And if you love a style get it in a few colours. Try experimenting with a body suit like The Body or Edge bodysuits in my new collection. What you put under your clothes, what’s inside, is as important as what’s outside. 

Elle Macpherson Body is available now at Farmers.