5 fitness trends to look out for in 2019


Increased exercise has a proven link to better mental health outcomes.
Increased exercise has a proven link to better mental health outcomes.

5 health and fitness trends to watch as we head into 2019.

In 2018, we saw the resurgence of boxing, an explosion of high-intensity interval training (otherwise known as HIIT) gyms popping up around neighborhoods and advanced wearable technology hitting the market. As we head into the warmer, summer months with more opportunity and inspiration for workouts, we take a look at some of the fitness trends you should watch out for as we head into 2019.

Trend #1 – Short and sweet

For those short on time this summer – the 30 minute workout will work in your favour. Following the path of the popular cycling and HIIT gyms offering compact 50–60-minute classes, you should expect even more abbreviated versions of these. No option to use lack of time as your excuse.

Trend #2 – Anytime, Anywhere yoga

While yoga has been around way before 2018 (like, thousands of years before). It has mostly been inaccessible for the working person. There has however been a trend in 2018 towards more easily accessible yoga classes, even short workouts in parks during your lunch hour. The same goes for other workouts, as fitness has become an anytime, anywhere activity. Take a look at this article for an interesting take on ‘Fitness Snacking’, your new bite at a healthier life.

Trend #3 – Rowing is the new spinning

Later on this year, the UK’s first dedicated rowing studio, Engine Room, is set to open. It’s the brainchild of PT Chris Heron and backed by Olympic rower Matt Tarrant, and there’s little doubt that once it gets going, we’ll see a load more boutique rowing studios pop up. But 40-50 minute rowing classes – sounds quite brutal.

Trend #4 – Being mindful is meditation

Although this has been up and coming for a while now, the idea of being mindful is ever-prevalent in our never-stopping lives. You should anticipate mindfulness and meditation to remain a hot topic and new, quality Smartphone apps to download that promote this idea of slowing down and living in the present.

Trend #5 – Food for the mind

While healthy eating is always on trend, as we approach 2019, supplements are set to become even more advanced, taking us beyond the simple (and vital) vitamins and minerals to increase our overall brain capacity. “Nootropics” are supplements which seek to improve cognitive function – especially memory, concentration and motivation. Inspiration by the dose.



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