Fighting Fit: Unleash Your Strength with a Boxing Workout


Boxing at home
A boxing workout offers a comprehensive fitness regimen that enhances cardiovascular health, strength, agility, and coordination.

Boxing also serves as a powerful stress reliever, promoting mental well-being and self-confidence through its high-intensity, empowering nature. These boxing moves have been adapted for home workouts, offering effective ways to strengthen muscles.

The Classic Boxing Stance

This is important to get right as it will help keep you safe. Place your feet about hip-width apart. If you are right-handed, put your left foot forward (and vice versa if you are left-handed). Bend your knees slightly. Tuck your elbows into your sides. Make a fist, keeping your thumbs on the outside. Bring your fists up to chin level to guard your face.

The Duck – Step 1

To keep the body moving and nimble, ducking and weaving is an important part of a boxing workout.

The Duck – Step 2

Ducking and weaving is about crouching down and getting out of the way of a swinging pad. 

The Duck – Step 3

This is also great for improving your balance as you shift your weight from left to right.

The Duck – Step 4

If you tighten your stomach muscles as you crouch down you can strengthen your abdominals and core with this move, which also helps to strengthen your back.

The Upper Cut – Step 1

Say goodbye to chicken-wing arms and a flabby waist with this muscle-building punch. From the classic boxing stance bend and dip your elbow until it rests near your hip.

The Upper Cut – Step 2

Rotate your palm upward and then hit the pad with full force.

The Upper Cut – Step 3

Keep your chin down and look up.

For the pad holder, tilt the pads down slightly to catch the punches, using enough resistance for the pads to bounce off each punch. And don’t forget to encourage the boxer.

The Jab and Cross – Step 1

Keep your shoulders relaxed, keep your abs tight and use your hips. Make sure your wrists don’t bend when you punch, that they stay aligned with your knuckles and arm. A jab is a straight punch to the mitt in front of you. You throw your jab from the classic boxing stance, fully extending your arm to hit the pad.

The Jab and Cross – Step 2

A cross is a straight punch across your body to the opposite pad. For the boxer’s safety, the pad holder needs to hold the pads still, about 10cm apart at the boxer’s head height for jabs and crosses.


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