Father and daughter team celebrate their birthdays by completing 39 random acts of kindness.

By Kate Hassett

Father and daughter team celebrate their birthdays by completing 39 random acts of kindness.
This beautiful father-daughter team created 39 random acts of kindness to celebrate their birthdays.

It’s not often that children celebrate their birthday by giving to others, but this type of selfless act was exactly what Amelie Beck and her father Lee decided to do, to celebrate their birthdays.

By combining their ages, 32 and 7, the pair came up with an idea to generate 39 random acts of kindness on their special days.

“We thought about all the people in our community that we wanted to help or say thanks to, and then we topped up our list with a Google search,” Beck told Upworthy. “We must have had about a hundred that we had to whittle down to make the 39.”

The pair spent all day travelling around their community doing things like picking up rubbish in the part, leaving dollars on vending machines to give people “free chocolate”, leaving pennies near a wishing well for “free wishes” and donating a plant to a hospice for their patient garden.

They also helped to build a bee wall in a local nature preserve, delivered chocolate to the local police and fire departments and donated books to their community library.

Their incredible way of paying it forward was everything they wanted for their birthdays – and more.

The pair said they would complete a challenge like this again, only next time seek to do even more.

“I remember all of those people who have helped me in the past, and I felt that I should pay it forward. Of course, kindness is unconditional and we would all be courteous and caring — I just did it a little bit more during the challenge than I would normally!”





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