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Expert advice for travelling with your jewellery


The Caroline travel case available from Orsini Fine Jewellery.
The Caroline travel case available from Orsini Fine Jewellery.
Orsini Fine Jewellery director Sarah Hutchings is often told by clients that they leave their jewellery at home when they go on holiday as it is too risky to travel with it.

But with a bit of care and planning, you can safely travel with your jewellery. Hutchings shares her top tips for enjoying your jewellery while away from home.

  • Take note. It’s a good idea to list the jewellery pieces you’ll take with you, and to take pictures of them before you travel. Make at least two copies of the list, one to keep on you and one to leave at home.
  • Carry jewellery on the plane with you, not in your checked luggage. Instead, wear it or stow it in your carry-on bag. 
  • Take your engagement ring, but take precautions. I recommend that women wear very expensive rings around their neck and slipped under their tops if they are travelling in unfamiliar areas, tube stations, anywhere they feel exposed. Always do the tried-and-true method of flipping the ring upside down when streets suddenly turns less desirable. Make sure if you do wear a precious ring on a chain, that the chain is strong enough. I have leather cords instore to give out to clients for this purpose, these are nice and strong for travelling.
  • Use the hotel safe. Always store jewellery in the in-room safe when you’re not wearing it. If you do leave it in a safe you need to ensure the safes have a personalised code and are up to standard.
  • Keep it close. If you’re between hotels, it’s a good idea to keep your jewellery on your person at all times. Don’t leave your jewellery in a car or in a bag unattended.
  • Pack it properly. I highly recommend a proper travel case designed for jewellery. We sell the most gorgeous travel cases that are small and easy to store in your carry-on luggage. They make it easy to find your pieces and prevent tangles.
  • Get jewellery insurance cover. Research your cover, each policy is different. Make sure your insurance will cover your loss if something goes wrong. This enables you to travel worry-free knowing your jewellery is protected.
  • Pack smart. Lastly, but most importantly, don’t take more jewellery than you need, and select pieces that are right for the occasions, mood and climate. For example, for tropical destinations like Hawaii, you might like to pack pearls, colourful jewels and long-drop earrings for summer shoulder-less dresses. For winter destinations with cooler climates, consider taking beautiful gold studs to go with warm polar-neck jerseys, and gold chains or pendants to wear with lower necklines for romantic evenings out in restaurants. Bracelets are a must-have on all travels as they are easily hidden, are harder to tangle and you can easily change them out for a new look. Earrings are ideal for travel due to their compact size. Have a few different looks – studs, dangly fun earrings and your favourite pair for an evening out. One to three sets should cover all occasions.

Jewellery pieces that are perfect for travelling

Al Coro Candy Earrings

These earrings can be worn as black studs for the day time, or dressed up for an evening out by attaching the moonstone drop with the diamond.

Marco Bicego Paradise Earrings

The perfect earring for a tropical getaway. Light and easy to wear, these can be dressed up or worn casually with a t-shirt.

Hulchi Belluni Tresore Stretch Bracelet

Lightweight and easy to pull on and off, these bracelets are perfect for travel as they are semi flexible.

Gucci Interlocking G Earrings

A cute little stud earring, ideal for exploring a city. Understated luxury.

Gucci Interlocking G Bracelet

Orsini’s bestselling Gucci Interlocking G bracelet in 18k yellow gold. With its slight shimmer on the chain, it looks gorgeous peaking out the bottom of a cashmere jersey sleeve in those cooler climates.

Pomellato Nudo Classic Ring

The classic size Nudo ring, a classy piece that can be worn without looking drawing too much attention like a large diamond.




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