Energise Your Tired Mind With These Four Easy Steps

By Kate Hassett

Energise Your Tired Mind With These Four Easy Steps
Clear your crowded mind and re-energise your brain to give you a boost when you need it the most.

Have you hit a a wall? Seen a major slump in energy or motivation that you just can’t seem to get yourself out of?

These mind boosting tips will have you busting out of your rut and making progress in no time.

Get Cooking

Working with ingredients, especially when baking can have huge benefits for your mental health.

By creating anchors that push us our of our current state of mind, we are able to do away with negativity and focus on a new, positive, outcome.

“The physical act of baking, the way that you knead bread for example, takes your mind out of the intellectual and connects you to your body,” Julia Ponsonby, author of‘ The Art of Mindful Baking’told HuffPost.

“For example when you’re baking sourdough, you’re letting things develop at their own pace and you’re observing them. I think not trying to control everything and accepting that things will happen when they’re ready is a useful tool to have in life,” she says

Just Smile

Your body language speaks volumes to those around you. Learning to adopt a powerful physical stance in any given situation can have a direct impact on the confidence you feel.

By just lifting your head high, adjusting your posture and focusing on your outward projection, your mood is subconsciously changed for the better.

Shifting your body and expression into a power pose can shift the level of power (as measured by courage and confidence) you feel in any situation. It can also help you to communicate more confidently and influence people more powerfully.

So whether you’re feeling very angry or anxious, take a minute to pay attention to your body and how you’re holding yourself physically.

Exercise in the Morning 

Whilst waking up earlier than you already do can seem like a daunting task for some, making the extra effort to exercise in the morning means that your energy levels will be up all day.

Even just a brisk 30 minutes walk in the morning can do wonders for improving your mood and increasing your positivity throughout the day.

As a bonus, you won’t have to feel obligated to exercise after a long day at work, when your motivation levels are the lowest.

Talk It Out

Are you at the office and find your attention drops mid afternoon? Try getting up and walking around the office and talking to co-workers about unrelated topics to give your brain a much needed break before getting back into work.

This small lapse in concentration can be avoided with a quick reminder about other things that make us happy. Watch a quick video of a cute animal, listen to some music, or simply think about your happy place. All these activities can help to reinvigorate the mind and get you ready to start again.





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