How Do Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Manage Work and Marriage?


How Do Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Manage Work and Marriage?
Emily Blunt reveals how she and husband John Krasinski managed to balance work and marriage ahead of their new film 'A Quiet Place'.

British actress Emily Blunt and American actor-director John Krasinski have been married for eight years. Now, the celebrity couple are starring alongside one another in new thriller A Quiet Place. The film, which has already received overwhelmingly positive feedback, follows a family who is forced to hide in silence from creatures that hunt by sound.

A Quiet Place is the second directorial effort for Krasinski, who is best-known for playing Jim Halpert in The Office alongside Steve Carrell. As well as writing and directing the film, Krasinski stars alongside Blunt as her on-screen partner. Talking to Empire, the 38-year-old said he hadn’t thought of Blunt for the role until she read the script and asked for the part. “I have to be completely honest when I tell you that that exact moment — having this woman that I admire and respect agree to do this movie with me — was the best compliment of my career,” he said.

Emily at the 2018 Academy Awards. REUTERS

As for the experience of working and acting together, Blunt admitted to E! News that she initially felt a “bit apprehensive” about the process. “You don’t know how your two processes are going to work together. It’s like a different thing when you’re at work. You take on a different persona”, she says. However, she is quick to add that she didn’t need to be worried. “I’m a huge fan of him obviously but we quickly realized how collaborative we were together and we actually worked really, really well together.”

So how did they make it work? “We really trust each other. We’re very honest with each other”, Blunt says. “We sort of have a shorthand and secret language that ultimately is gonna work for us.” What was challenging for the couple, however, was managing their two children, 4-year-old Hazel and 1-year-old Violet. “I have no choice but to engage with these amazing people,” she says, adding that she and Krasinski try to keep their celebrity status hidden from their daughters. “I think it must be a disconcerting thing for kids of actors because it’s a weird thing to understand,” Blunt says. “They just want you to be their mom at the end of the day, and I don’t think [Hazel’s] aware yet really.”

A Quiet Place hits New Zealand cinemas April 5th.



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