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Discover the extraordinary ‘Art of Cake’ collection at this luxe Sydney hotel


Head Pastry Chef Quentin Zerr with the Art of Cake Collection
Head Pastry Chef Quentin Zerr with the Art of Cake Collection
Satisfy your sweet cravings and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of exquisite artistry through the freshly revealed "Art of Cake" Collection at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney.

Esteemed pastry maestro, Quentin Zerr, has poured his heart and soul into meticulously crafting an extraordinary selection of artisanal cakes, now conveniently accessible for local residents to relish in the cozy embrace of their own abode.

Within this carefully curated assortment lies a cake to suit every conceivable celebration.

What’s on the “Art of Cake” menu?

Behold the iconic mixed berry Pavlova, a flawless fusion of a delicately crisp exterior and a heavenly soft meringue core. Or indulge in the refined allure of the French Saint Honoré—a majestic dessert resembling a regal crown, steeped in time-honoured tradition. Each creation stands as a testament to the exceptional skill of Chef Quentin Zerr.

Embark on a journey of intricate elegance with the Framboisier, where layers of tender sponge cake embrace succulent raspberries, swathed in a velvety Chantilly cream that gracefully cascades along the sides.

For those seeking an avant-garde experience, the Chocolate Cake beckons, boasting an enchanting marriage of chocolate and hazelnut, adorned with alluring gold chocolate shards.

The deceptively straightforward yet undeniably divine Seasonal Fruit Tart harmonises flaky, buttery pastry with luscious almond frangipane, crowned by an exuberant array of seasonal fruits—a perfect companion to afternoon tea.

And then there’s the Lemon Meringue Tart, a tantalising treat with its ethereal, indulgent texture, topped with native Australian finger lime that imparts a zesty burst with every delightful bite.

The “Art of Cake” Collection seamlessly weaves together French techniques and Australian flavours, resulting in an exquisite symphony of taste sensations. Chef Quentin Zerr’s unparalleled expertise has given birth to a scrumptious array of cakes that not only captivate the palate but also etch an enduring memory.



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