Demystifying Autism


Demystifying Autism
Australian actor Hugo Weaving calls for an end to the stigma surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Hugo Weaving and his nephew, Ky, have teamed up to break down harmful stigmas that affect both those on the Autism Spectrum and their friends and families. The short film, Living with Autism – Ky’s Story, was produced to highlight the life of the young Gold Coast boy and educate the public about the challenges faced by people with Autism, as well as their families.

Sentis commissioned the film, in collaboration with the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, Autism Queensland, Griffith University Film School, Hotel Lima and the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service. “Approximately 1 child in every 100 is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD”, says Weaving. “It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, or where you live, or whether you’re rich or poor, Autism doesn’t discriminate. Although boys are around four times more likely to be diagnosed than boys.”

Weaving spoke to the Gold Coast Bulletin, sharing his reason for getting involved in the project: “It’s the fact that Ky and I have a family connection and therefore an emotional connection that makes that work. That’s the only reason why perhaps I’m useful in helping promote this work.  “It’s a wonderful piece of work.”

Ky agreed with Weavings sentiment, stating that he believes the project will be successful in raising awareness about Autism and helping to demystify the disorder, while providing much needed support to those in the community who often feel left out of misunderstood.

“(I hope) people will understand me now — that I’m different to everyone else.”

Watch the full video below.



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