Georgia’s daring new tourist attraction is a diamond-shaped bar suspended over a canyon


Georgia’s daring new tourist attraction is a diamond-shaped bar suspended over a canyon
Eager people braved dizzying heights for the chance to sip cocktails in a newly built diamond-shaped bar suspended over the Dashbashi Canyon in Georgia.

Connected by a 240m glass bridge, the transparent structure sits 280m high above the vast canyon that lies a few kilometres outside of the small town of Tsalka, in the southeast of Georgia.

The unusual bridge has been submitted to the Guinness World Records book, hoping to claim the title as the largest and tallest hanging structure in the world. Visitors who attended the opening ceremony, including Georgia’s Prime Minister, Irakli Garibashvili, had the opportunity to marvel at the canyon’s famous cascading waterfalls from the panoramic, multi-level bar.

Led by the investment body Kass Group, the structure, which took three years to build, is made from steel and glass and estimated to cost around US$40 million .“The aim was to create an extreme, exciting, and unforgettable moment that would arouse all five senses of the guests and will manage to stay imprinted in their memory,” Tomer Mor Yosef from Kass Group told local newspaper Georgian Journal.

Along with the bar, the structure features a zipline that can be biked across and a cliff swing over the canyon. A number of guest suites in a newly built resort near the site are set to open in the coming months, and Kass Group estimates that 450,000 tourists will visit the site over the next year.



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