Who is your favourite MiNDFOOD cover star? See the winners of our competition


Who is your favourite MiNDFOOD cover star? See the winners of our competition
Thank you for your overwhelming response to our request for feedback on your favourite cover from the past 15 years.

The late Queen Elizabeth and Sir David Attenborough were the front runners throughout the competition, with Emma Thompson coming a close third.

After counting the many votes, Sir David emerged as the final winner. These are our 15 favourite letters who win the subscription to MiNDFOOD. 


It was a tough decision between two incredible 96-year olds. Cover 143 the legendary David Attenborough. He has shown us so much about the incredible and fragile world we live in and how we need to look after it before it’s too late. But I think cover 156 of our beautiful Queen Elizabeth (RIP) just pips David at the post. Her incredible reign of 70 years and 214 days was truly remarkable. She gave her life in service from a very young age until the day she died.  She saw 15 British Prime Ministers come and go during her reign. She was such a beacon of hope and strength and stability for many. She will be missed. 



It’s just got to be David Attenborough with Helen Mirren second as I love backing the females BUT David is 96 and what a loss we are going to experience when he leaves this earth, it will be the saddest day. A library will be lost, I just adore this human being. Never can we replace him. How he cares for this earth and its species in all shapes and forms.



Well this was a great little competition.  So good to have the opportunity on one page to see all the amazing front pages – which I think have marked MiNDFOOD apart from other magazines right from the word go and you haven’t deviated from that standard. It was so very hard to decide – The Queen in profile (No. 158) was so fitting as this is the way we are used to seeing her on our coins and captured her stoic selfless determination to serve. Then, of course, Sir David Attenborough covers are wonderful. My choice, however, is No. 085 Emma Thompson for lots of reasons. She’s just such a wonderful actress yet has never seemed  aloof or ‘movie starish’. The photo of her is all about her beautiful eyes that seem to be hiding a little secret and chuckling away at it, while posing. Personally, I admire her capability to age so graciously and take on roles of all manner because they have inspired her.  I also think she dealt with her cheating actor husband, while filming the wonderful Sense and Sensibility so superbly and with real class. The gesture of her resting up against her hand looking so directly at camera speaks volumes to me – it says “This is me simply and comfortably. I’m very content in myself and love my life.



Without any hesitation I can say 106! Of all the photos this one jumped out to me. The vibrancy of the model with her stunning flaming red hair and the beautiful green of her outfit (also reflected in the MiNDFOOD heading) on the white background made the image literally pop! Stunning!  Her stance with hands on hips, hair wild and free and beautiful smile lifted my spirits.  Just wish I could find a copy of that issue to frame for my new home. In these uncertain times it is important to stay positive and keep our spirits high. Gazing upon this image definitely works for me. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, inspirational magazine.


P.S. After 10 years of caring for my husband with Parkinson’s and dementia (he is now in a care facility) I am now starting a new phase of my life as I celebrate my 70th birthday on 26th May and also by downsizing and moving into a new smaller home. It is now time again for nurturing me, with gardening, painting and especially reading.


I was quite inspired by cover #146 as it was a local ‘young’ lady who made your coveted news cover just by being herself!  No glamorous gown, hairdo or make up session required (didn’t look like it took hours anyway), beautiful, natural and local! Yay!! …and I loved all her beads! Equally as good were #37 and #80 proving you do not need to be female nor a grand international celebrity to make it big here.  Keep up the great mag, I have tagged along with you for many years and was quite gutted by Covid forcing a number of print media out of production! Go you!



I am writing to participate in your competition to pick the favourite cover of the magazine over the years. After going through the archives and reviewing all the previous covers, I have decided that my favourite cover is number 151 featuring Anne Hathaway. As a long-time reader of MiNDFOOD, I have always appreciated the quality of the content and the stunning visuals that grace the cover of each issue. I particularly enjoyed cover number 151 as it features one of my favourite Hollywood actresses, Anne Hathaway, in a beautiful and striking image. It’s fascinating to see how Anne Hathaway has evolved over the years, and the covers of MiNDFOOD capture her transformation beautifully. I was also pleased to see that Anne Hathaway has appeared on other covers of MiNDFOOD, such as number 50, 117, and 129. These covers were also great, and it’s wonderful to see how Anne Hathaway has grown and evolved as an actress and a person over time. Thank you for considering my entry for the competition, and I look forward to seeing more captivating covers and engaging content in the future.



I just have to say I love your magazine, so much so that I have framed a few covers and hung them in my home.  It’s pretty difficult to pick a favourite cover.  I’m lucky that I had the cover of our Queen and framed it.  I think this is relevant at the time, relevant as reminder for the dedication of this most gracious woman. We can only imagine what she went through over her time as Queen. What a fabulous ambassador for women of the world she is. 

Thank you for the chance to win a year’s subscription…I would love this.



My favourite MiNDFOOD Cover is the one showing Ronni Kahn from Harvest of Hope. She is a trailblazer when it comes to using food waste and surplus food and turning it into healthy meals. We should all be more mindful of the food we buy and not waste food. Also grow our own food or buy vegetables that are not perfect and turn them into delicious meals. I bought my first copy of your magazine in the first lockdown and have been hooked ever since and now have an ongoing subscription. Thank you for making such a wonderful magazine.



My favourite cover is Julia Roberts Edition 155. I simply love that cover – such a great actress, particularly in Nothing Hill and Pretty Woman. Always make me smile and laugh! However,  all of your covers are fantastic – can I just suggest an “ordinary ” person – not famous, rich or beautiful, but someone who has a great soul, a love of life and shows kindness to all – some people need to be reminded that being famous is not the only criteria to be special (and be on the cover). I think people sometimes get caught up in famousness and forget that our lives are made better by ordinary people.



My favourite cover over the past 15 years is number 156! There have been many awesome covers and I’m always attracted to buy the magazine with its gorgeous cover, but this one is my personal favourite. Saoirse Ronan is such a great woman and seeing her in that amazing suit and the way colours were used in the background makes it just pop. The textures and the idea of being out of your comfort zone and individual all just appealed to me. This cover was really memorable and one out of the box, although they are all great this was more than just a beautiful person gracing the cover!! Such an inspiration 🙂



I love receiving my MiNDFOOD magazine subscription each month and am always excited to see who is on the front cover and what they represent. I have selected the cover on the Sept 2020 issue with Jane Goodall because she is inspirational at leading change at a time where the world is so delicate and vulnerable. To honour her work and raise awareness of her continued mission is so important. The word ‘Rethink’ is one of my favourite titles, it encompasses so much meaning, particularly at that time during Covid and at a crucial time in our history.

Ngā mihi nui,



The most amazing thing that made me buy MiNDFOOD was the 006 cover of Penelope Cruz because she was so natural and extremely beautiful. The magazine made me stop in my tracks and glance at the contents. From then on I have bought every single MiNDFOOD and I keep them as I re-read them over and over again. Even when we move house, my husband checks I have got MY MiNDFOOD. I laugh as he knows I cherish them too. 



My favourite MiNDFOOD Cover is that of the late Queen Elizabeth II. It is a defiant image that she lived by – never explain – as well as being a soft image. She really was everyone’s granny.  It is the only image of a person in side profile. She lived her life for others, not for herself in an age where women are coming out from the shadows of men, she paved the way for women to be themselves and who they really are. An image that says “I am who I am and if you don’t like it, look away”. While still maintaining her feminine side.

Love the magazine.



How do you pick one favourite cover? So many strong, impressive women on the covers. I particularly like that age is no barrier to MiNDFOOD covers, Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson, Jane Goodall. My favourite would probably be her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, a stunning photograph.

Thank you



Congratulations on 15 years of successfully being in the business. I have treasured and thoroughly enjoyed every magazine. My favourite cover is #143, with David Attenborough gracing the front page. Like the magazine itself, Sir David is a trailblazer and a pioneer. I am in awe of his brilliant mind, which at the age of 96, is still amazingly sharp. Like the MiNDFOOD magazine, he has a legacy of stories, covering everything from climate change, to the mating of snails! I have loved each magazine since inception in 2008 and learn something new and collect and consider the #Smartthinking pull-out, each with their words of wisdom. They always reflect the values of the magazine itself and of mine. “All dreams are within reach. All you have to do is keep moving towards them.”

Keep up the inspiring, brilliant work.

Much thanks



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