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Conscious consumption: going free range

Conscious consumption: going free range

What are the benefits of switching to a free range diet?

Conscious consumption: going free range

As society becomes more and more conscious of the cruelty caged animals suffer, a growing number of people are turning to free range meat and eggs. While the price of free range products are more expensive than caged products, there are plenty of benefits involved in a free range diet.

The most obvious benefit of going free range is the impact on the animals. Where many people were previously ignorant about the realities of caged farming – sow stalls, body-clamping cages and more – people now perceive such treatment as unethical and cruel. Free range animals are provided space outside to live their lives in as happy and stress-free an environment as possible.

A free range diet also has health benefits for the consumer. Grass-fed animals are not injected with artificial drugs or growth hormones that are pumped into caged animals. Most free range animals are also fed diets free of animal product. As a result, consumers do not risk ingesting any chemicals.

Remember – always check the free range certification on the packaging. Products are often mislabelled, giving the impression that they are free range when they are simply cage-free. Cage-free animals can still be kept in crowded barns without access to the outside world. Always read the packet before buying.

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