Clean Science Ask the Expert: Terri Vinson from Synergie Skin

Clean Science Ask the Expert: Terri Vinson from Synergie Skin

Cosmetic chemist and founder of Synergie Skin, Terri Vinson, answers your beauty concerns.

What’s a quick skin pick-me-up for the festive season?

During the festive season, masks are a great refresher treatment – and there are a number on the market for specific skin concerns. For example, a clay detox mask is ideal for drawing impurities from the skin and many have added antioxidants for destroying free radicals. I also recommend gentle scrubs for removing dull dead skin. Be careful that the scrub is not too abrasive or harsh and don’t overdo it. Once a week with Mediscrub is ideal to give the skin a good exfoliation.


What should I do about sunburn?

Apply a quality aloe vera gel as soon as possible. Post Laser Gel is a powerful anti-inflammatory gel ideal for calming sensitive and irritated skin. Vitamin C is also an excellent anti-inflammatory. Pure vitamin C crystals mixed with water at a 1:5 ratio will help reduce the redness of sunburn and it’s also great mixed with aloe vera gel. An ingredient that goes under the radar is Canadian willowherb – a non-steroidal anti-irritant and redness reducer that shows powerful antibacterial activity. Vitamin B3 is also great to strengthen and rebuild the skin’s barrier that has been damaged by the UVB rays of sunburn.


What are your skincare tips for long-haul flights?

The air inside the cabin of a plane is extremely dry and usually has a humidity level of under 20 per cent, which is significantly lower than normal land humidity of 30-65 per cent. For this reason, it is very important to maintain natural hydration levels. My in-flight facial treatment is as follows:

  • Lips – Your lips are the first place to dry out due to the low humidity, and a hydrating lip treatment will ensure you arrive with plump, luscious lips.
  • Eyes – Make sure you use hydrating eye drops (I like Systane drops). And if you wear contact lenses, ensure you switch to glasses during air travel. A hint for an in-the-air eye treatment: soak thin cotton pads in your favourite eye serum, add a little water and pop your eye mask over the top while you sleep!
  • Facial hydration – Apply a rich moisturiser every two to three hours on long flights. Don’t forget to rub any leftover moisturiser into your hands.
  • Cleansing – Micellar water and cotton pads are the ideal way to cleanse in your seat. If you don’t want to carry the full bottle on board, pre-moisten four cotton pads and pop them in a snap-lock bag.


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