Clean home clean health


Clean home clean health
Professional cleaners knows what health risks lurk in your house. Here are their tips for gaining control over your domain.

High traffic areas, wet or damp spaces, food preparation surfaces and gadgets used daily in the home can be a trap for nasty germs.

No one knows better than professional cleaners what becomes a headache long-term or is the filthiest job in the house.

The following are some of the regular habits professional cleaners practice in their own home.

Removing garbage

Most professional cleaners would never be caught with rotting food in their fridge or a rancid smell emanating from their kitchen bin. Take out your garbage out regularly to avoid exposure to harmful bacteria. It is also worth considering shifting your fresh food buying habits, perhaps from weekly to once every few days, if you find you are regularly disposing of spoilt food.

Keep stove tops clean

Not only are they difficult to clean with layer upon layer of food splatters caked on, but the warm conditions of the hub provide a haven for bacteria to thrive. A simple daily wipe down with soapy water, vinegar or bi- carb soda is enough to neutralise the surface and easy the pain of having to do a major clean.

Give the small things a little attention

Professional cleaners will attack the small things that are handled regularly, those we rarely think about. Remotes, light and power switches, door knobs, etc. Wipe once and you’ll get the picture.

Directional cleaning

It is common sense but often we forget the laws of gravity and wipe shelves after having done a backbreaking vacuuming session. It’s worth saving yourself time down the track with a little top to bottom planning.

Let your bathroom cleaner do it’s work

Letting your chosen cleaner sit on tiles for as few minutes will allow it to work on breaking down anything sitting on the surface, be it soap scum, stains and or regular dirt. A little time on the tiles will save you some hard labour in the long run, so while you’re letting the cleaner do its work use those three or so minutes to do something better with your time.

Clean your equipment

All professional cleaners will tell you that the quality of their tools are what makes the difference in terms of time spent, and quality of the clean. Be sure to regularly throw your cleaning rags and utensils in the washer or give them a quick scrub, ensuring you’re not sharing the grime and germs with each dust or wipe.

Time is of the essence

If it can be done in a matter of minutes, they just do it. If you’re cleaning adverse you could even set a timer for the maximum you’re willing to spend on a task and see how you go.

The bathroom sink is the worse

When it comes to work stress, for professional cleaners the bathroom sink can be the low light of any particular job. Imagine caked on toothpaste, damp, goopy pools of bacteria around the sinkhole and tap attachment. One of the top regular good habits of professional cleaners is the daily bathroom sink wipe down. In fact any space where the water pools you’ll see professional cleaners paying careful attention. Damp is no friend to human health.


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