‘Chocolate Cake’ Hair is the New Trend to Ask for In-Salon

Looking for new hair colour inspo? There’s a delicious idea seriously trending for brunettes right now, and celebrities have been first in line to embrace the luscious colour idea.

According to experts, ‘chocolate cake hair’ involves a rich, dimensional look where deep, vibrant chocolate and truffle hues are lifted slightly with subtle balayage highlights to flatter the face and add brightness to deep brown tones.

The name is a nod to the gooey chocolate cream and icing in-between the dark chocolate layers on a decadent, multi-level chocolate cake.  


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The name of the trend follows an uptick in gourmand trends across the beauty board. Not so much anything edible, just that inspiration from sweet, comforting and delicious treats is a go-to right now in a time when we’re seeking fun, playful escapism in all its forms. 

It’s not surprising the uptake has been widespread as brown hair hues can be tricky to update without a full-blown makeover. Adding a touch of depth and shine as well as a few rich, expertly placed highlights, offers a subtle update and the glossing products available in salons these days can also make long hair look incredibly healthy and thick, even when its health is challenged. 


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Celebrities have been jumping on new options for rich brown colour, whether it’s a lush all-over tone or something more shimmering. 

Given ‘colour that glows’ is one of the most common requests in salons right now, this look perfectly fits the bill. 

It’s also a beautifully low-maintenance option, as any highlights are placed to emphasize movement but don’t come anywhere close to roots, so there’s no re-growth. 

What’s more, although the overall effect is deep, it’s the perfect subtle update for summer, where hair can occasionally gain highlights naturally anyway. Just make sure you avoid any brassy red or oranges tones making their way in, by washing and conditioning with a dedicated brunette shampoo. Just like blondes have purple shampoo, brunettes can call on blue shampoo to remedy the issue quickly in the same way.

6 Tricks to Repair Damaged Hair at Home

While the best of summer – sun, salt, surf, soirees and the like – makes life pretty enjoyable this time of year, our hair generally comes off second best. All that styling, exposure to salt or chemically treated water in pools and time in the sun means strands can start to look less than their best.

In particular, UV damage doesn’t just do a number on our skin, it affects our hair in the form of discoloration, dry and brittle strands, breakage or split ends, thinning and frizziness and can affect both the external cuticles as well as the internal protein.

How to minimise the damage and get your hair back to it’s smooth and shiny best as fast as possible? Adopt a haircare range that prioritises repair, with ingredients that will nourish and hydrate strands quickly and effectively. Joico has just revamped its iconic K-PAK range, just in time to solve all your summer hair dilemmas.  Each product is a damaged hair hero, containing the brand’s clever ‘SmartRelease’ liposome technology that delivers nourishing, repairing ingredients precisely where they are needed, making your locks stronger and less susceptible to future damage. They are the perfect products to call on at this time of year in particular. 

Here are six tricks for repairing damaged hair in your bathroom at home:

  • Use dedicated repair shampoo and conditioner

All shampoos and conditioner are not equal. Yes they cleanse and condition, but if your hair is dehydrated and straw-like – or worse, brittle and risking breakage – or both, you need to use products that do the job while also treating hair with kid gloves. Products that are gentle while delivering the precise ingredients your damaged hair needs to mend. Joico’ K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo contains damage-seeking Keratin and protective Guajava fruit extract to strengthen strands and improve elasticity while just one use of K-PAK’s Reconstructing Conditioner doubles their resistance to breakage. Amazing!

  •  Protect your hair from the elements 

In order to minimise hair receiving further UV damage, wear a hat when you’re outside for long periods of time. If that’s not possible or you’re heading into the water for a dip, think about coating hair with a leave-in conditioner and tying up. The product will prevent strands from soaking up more water than is necessary meaning less salt or chlorine damage. We like to run a touch of Joico’s K-PAK Hydrator Intense Treatment through damp locks and if we’re outside for an extended period, Joico’s K-PAK Color Therapy Lustre Lock Multi-Perfector Spray is another go-to, as it has inbuilt UVA/UVB protection.

  • Give the dryer and tong a break

Heat styling addict? We can relate, but environmental challenges during summer can intensify the damage your hair regularly experiences from normal styling.  Step away from the tools and embrace natural movement in your locks. It helps that relaxed waves and defined curls are very on trend right now! Scrunch a light styling cream through wet hair and leave to air dry for definition and shine. 

  • Handle wet hair with care

Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet. That means treating it carefully without dragging a brush through it while damp. Instead, apply a spritz of K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor and use a wide tooth comb to gently detangle. The weightless formula has the repairing power of a mask but won’t weight fine strands down

  • Use a Mask

Of course, there are some times you do everything right, but hair just needs an extra dose of TLC. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process.  Apply K-PAK Reconstructor to damp hair, leave on for five minutes and rinse, to benefit from the powerful combo of amino acids and keratin. It quickly restores hair to its former glory, a well-known and loved solution for stressed hair!

  • Give coloured hair an extra boost

Coloured hair can quickly lose dimension and shine when exposed to UV rays outdoors, or if its dehydrated. Restore radiance to lacklustre colour by looking for dedicated colour protection products. Joico’s K-PAK Color Therapy line fits the bill perfectly, offering the high-tech K-PAK liposome technology as well as African Manketti and Argan oils to lock in the vibrancy of your colour, for shiny, healthy hair all season long.

Find out more and shop Joico’s K-PAK range here.