Smooth, glowing skin the natural way – here’s how

Smooth, glowing skin the natural way – here’s how

A new scientific breakthrough has given a natural therapeutic product range the regenerative power to help restore skin conditions such as aging, menopausal skin, hormonal breakouts, acne and eczema – a restorative power that is not often seen in 100 per cent natural products.

The Atopis range comes from an innovative new Kiwi company, Bionona, which aims to make a difference for people dealing with skin issues including acne, aging and eczema. The range has been developed with a scientific reaction at its heart, and the products harness the natural regenerative power of nature, which occurs within plants, to correct human skin conditions.

The powerful yet natural extract that the reaction provides is used to create a breakthrough range of creams, which actually convince the human body’s immune system to regenerate and repair its affected areas.

To prove the science and efficacy behind the extract and the creams, Bionona submitted Atopis to two separate human clinical trials for eczema – one in New Zealand and another in the USA. The trials focused on the skin-regenerating power of Atopis’ extract, bonded within a natural cream base. Both trials were highly successful and the scientific reaction has been patented in the USA, NZ and a host of other countries. The clinical trial also went on to achieve US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) status as an over-the-counter product to be sold into the USA as an eczema therapy cream.

The new evolution of skincare

Having perfected the formulations, Dr Iona Weir has been able to take the magic behind the patented extract, myriphytase, into a new series of face creams. These creams have proven helpful to customers managing conditions including rosacea, hormonal breakouts and the effects aging has on the skin. The Atopis range of products sells exclusively online, and they‘ve been very successful throughout New Zealand. Atopis also launched into the Australian online market in January 2018 and is being well-received, experiencing over a 40 per cent growth in sales month on month. Atopis will launch into the USA in 2019.

We each have our own unique skin, and on that is our very own skin microflora. This needs to be preserved and protected to keep your skin healthy. Atopis is safe and 100% natural, and does not contain any harsh chemicals that can have the opposite therapeutic effect and leave the skin unbalanced.

Protecting skin microflora is essential when addressing skin issues, and Atopis helps maintain a balanced and healthy skin.

Anti-age Intense hydration for dry skin

Scientifically formulated to intensely hydrate and rejuvenate mature skin, Atopis Anti-Aging Cream ($99) promotes cell renewal and restores collagen production to smooth out lines and wrinkles. Clinically shown to reduce redness and even skin tone, Atopis leaves skin feeling soft and revitalised with a youthful glow.

Radiant Balance Normal and combination skin

Radiant Balance ($69) promotes clear, calm and hormonally-balanced skin. Scientifically formulated for normal to combination hormonal skin types, it has been clinically shown to reduce redness, even skin tone and revitalise dull skin while reducing acne breakouts.

Dr Iona Weir is a leading biochemist who shares an advanced knowledge of skin conditions and immune system dysfunction, with a specialty in the biochemistry of New Zealand’s indigenous plants and microbes.

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