10 Autumn Items For The Home That We Love

Winter is rapidly¬†approaching, and what better time than to redesign your living space than with a change of season? We’ve rounded up ten of our top Autumn homeware items right now to help you decorate your home with ease.

View them all in the gallery below.

Pedrali Showcases New Ideas At Milan Design Week 2018

Pedrali showcased its 30th edition of products at Milan Fashion Week 2018 with a sophisticated range inspired by architecture and the theatre. Under the theme of #Pedraligoodideas designed by the Milanese architectural studio Calvi Brambilla, the Italian furniture brand presented an installation that blended functionality with art.

An architectural space is dominated by the¬†colour blue, with¬†iconic light bulbs and new pieces of furniture artfully placed on display stole the show.¬†The exhibition’s largest central area hosted numerous products in a series of different settings, with the dining and living spaces were¬†separated by bookcases filled with plants and herbs. The outdoor space featured the¬†Reva¬†sofas¬†by¬†Patrick Jouin¬†and the¬†Giravolta¬†wireless lamps¬†by¬†Basaglia Rota Nodari. The living area hosted the new¬†Osaka Lounge¬†designed by¬†Cazzaniga Mandelli Pagliarulo,¬† the iconic¬†Ester¬†armchairs, the¬†Social Plus¬†sofas¬†by¬†Patrick Jouin¬†and the¬†enveloping¬†Babila Comfort¬†armchairs¬†by¬†Odo Fioravanti.

View some of the highlights from the 2018 Pedrali exhibition in the gallery below.

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