Autumn gardening tips from an expert horticulturist


Autumn gardening tips from an expert horticulturist
Autumn - the crisp mornings and sunny skies signal the perfect time get out in the garden. And while we're all in lockdown, it's an even better excuse to plant new seeds and deal to weeds. 

We spoke to Melissa King, horticulturist and Northcote Pottery Brand Ambassador to hear her autumn gardening tips and tricks.

The colder weather, says King, is the perfect to get stuck in the garden.

“The soil remains warm, providing optimal conditions to get plants in the ground, rejuvenate the garden and enjoy the outdoors with the whole family,” she says. “Be sure to keep the water up to your young, growing seedlings. Check your local water restrictions for ways to keep gardens hydrated.”

What to plant

“The cool season veggie patch is in full swing and there’s plenty on the planting menu,” says King. Autumn planting is time for cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, onions and kale, she says.

See our tips for planting autumn veges. 

Keep house plants happy

If your house plants are looking a little dusty, give them a little fresh air and shower. A spray hose does the best job, says King.

“Use it on a gentle shower spray setting to unclog those plant pores and get the foliage looking shiny and healthy again,” she says. “Allow the plants to drain properly , then bring them back inside so they are warm again.”

Get weeding

With more moisture come more weeds, so why not give your garden a good weeding.

“These pesky plants are easier to pull out after an autumn rain, and its best to do this whilst they are still young, particularly before they flower and set seed,” says King.



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