Are You Eating Enough Fat?

Are You Eating Enough Fat?

Fats play a significant role in the diet, providing the body with essential fatty acids that promote good skin, hair and brain health. Fats also help the body absorb vitamins A, E, K and D. “Fat is an essential part of our diet and necessary for good health,” says nutritionist Rebecca Gawthorne.

Not all fats are good for you, however. “Unsaturated fats are ‘healthy’ fats,” Gawthorne says. “Monounsaturated fats are also ‘healthy’ fats that are found in plant foods like avocados, olive oil and nuts like cashews and almonds.”

So are you eating enough fat to reap the health benefits? The daily recommended intake for an adult is approximately 25-30% of our total energy intake.

Here are 7 signs you aren’t eating enough fat:

  • Dry skin, hair and eyes
  • Always feeling hungry
  • Concentration issues
  • Constant exhaustion
  • Hormonal inconsistencies
  • Feeling cold all the time
  • Deficient in fat-soluble vitamins

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