Are you always tired? Here’s five surprising reasons why

By Maria Kyriacou

Are you always tired? Here’s five surprising reasons why
Do you find yourself groaning when the alarm goes off in the morning? Never feel that you’ve had enough sleep? Read on

Many people complain of lethargy but only half the people complaining are diagnosed with a medical problem such as iron deficiency or under active thyroid.

  • You’re a perfectionist – being overly conscientious can lead to a never ending worrying rather than moving forward, stopping people from getting a good night’s sleep. Professor Irene Levine, of New York University-Langone School of Medicine said, ‘This maladaptive way of coping with stress can leave individuals feeling tired and as if they never achieve their goals.”
  • Drinking too much coffee – A caffeine-hit is often the first port of call when we’re feeling lethargic, and after one cup of coffee we feel energized. But further cups can result in a blood sugar drop, leading people to crave more. Nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville says, “You collapse afterwards because it’s not a sustainable way to get energy. Lots of people feel drained afterwards, and they get ill, they get flu.’
  • Mobile phones – Sending emails or tweeting late at night will affect the quality and amount of sleep people get. Researchers say that you’re less likely to have a productive morning because your energy will be zapped so be sure to put the phone down way before you hit your pillow.
  • The 24-7 work lifestyle – People are working themselves into an exhausted state, with Australians rating at number two behind the U.S in terms of longest working hours in the developed world. According to Sydney GP, Alf Liebhold “The sort of thing people used to do in order to regain their energy was have a bit of fun, have a holiday. They’re even too tired to do that.”
  • Not drinking enough water – Feeling dehydrated makes your heart works faster, reducing your blood volume leading to tiredness according to Dr Simon Floreani, Chiropractors Association of Australia president. He advises that you drink 30 millilitres of water a day for every kilo you weigh.

 What’s your sure fire pick me up for feeling tired?


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