Are You Addicted to Caffeine or Sugar?


Are You Addicted to Caffeine or Sugar?
Try these top tips for withdrawing from caffeine and sugar.

The addictive nature of sugar and caffeine has long been investigated. Withdrawing from sugar or caffeine addiction is extremely difficult and can be a long process. Once you succeed, however, you will have more energy, greater clarity and much better health. If you are suffering, try these tips for withdrawing.

  • Get lots of rest and try to relax. Take a bath with a few drops of calming peppermint oil, read a book in bed or find a new television show to binge watch
  • Up your intake of B vitamins to enhance your energy levels
  • Drink at least 8 full cups of unflavoured water
  • Restore your hormone balance by exercising. Go for a jog or a walk, join a pilates class or make the most of the last of summer with a swim.



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