Alarm clock and coffee machine in one

By Nikki Dorrell

Alarm clock and coffee machine in one
This clever alarm clock provides a wonderful (and delicious) start to the day.

London-based designer, Josh Renouf has come up with a novel way to get consumers out of bed and orient them to the day with gentle sounds and a fresh cup of coffee, without even lifting a finger.

The University of Nottingham Trent University graduate has had incredible interest in his Barisieur before it has even gone into production for commercial use.

While the idea isn’t entirely new, with similar yet poor attempts made in the early-mid 1900s, Josh’s new hot beverage-making alarm clock, blows the old bulky, unsightly and noisy designs out of the water.

Not only is Barisieur slick and aesthetically pleasing, the alarm clock function is soothing and the coffee is made automatically as soon as the user wakes, allowing the beverage to be enjoyed in bed or on the go.

The Barisieur is designed to wake the user up gently and peacefully with the sound of clinking ball bearings, which boil the water through induction heating. The sound users wake to is said to soothe and ease then into the day.

While the machine requires the user to prepare the device the night before, cleaning and refilling the beans, sugar and milk, Josh hopes this will signal to the body and mind that it is time to relax “What we’re hoping to do with out product is encourage a routine before going to bed, slow people down and get them off their tablets and iPhones”.

Josh also hopes the Barisieur will be on shelves nationally as soon as possible for an estimated retail price of £200.



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