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#ADifferentBrilliant campaign shatters autism stereotypes

#ADifferentBrilliant campaign shatters autism stereotypes

Autism Spectrum Australia has released their ‘Different Brilliant’ campaign which aims to bring greater understanding of individuals with autism.

#ADifferentBrilliant campaign shatters autism stereotypes

Around the world there are four children born with autism every minute, claims the video (which can be watched here). Often perceived as slow, obsessive or overanxious, #ADifferentBrilliant seeks to lay these shallow stereotypes to rest as well as inspire others to be more understanding of those who fall within the spectrum.

“With our a ‘Different Brilliant’ campaign, we hope to inspire a wider understanding and respect for how people on the autism spectrum are just like you and me, in many ways, but with their own uniquely brilliant take on the world,” told CEO of Autism Spectrum Australia, Adrian Ford.

Through the assistance of Damian Wyvill, who some may know as the cinematographer of film director Baz Luhrman, the video features the voices of a wide range of autistic men, women and children in an attempt to display autism as an invisible disorder that anyone can have.

“From my perspective there is still quite a lot of ignorance and a lack of understanding out there and that really needs to change… I really want to believe that by the time my children are young adults they will be accepted just like anyone else,” told Kylier Ouvrier, mother of two of the autistic boys featured in the video.

What do you think? Do you or anyone you know live with an autism spectrum disorder, and do you think this campaign does a good job at highlighting these misconceptions? Leave your comments below.

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