Add a touch of timeless Italian design to your home

Showcasing the very best hand-crafted, home décor direct from Italy, Sarsfield Brooke is the exclusive stockist of Arte Veneziana Glass products in New Zealand.

In Italy, the profession of wheeling a common sheet of glass into a work of art is considered a national treasure. In this tradition, everything Arte Veneziana creates is designed with attention to detail and craftsmanship that represents a modern expression of traditional Venetian glass engraving with elaborate designs.

Translated simply to “Venetian art”, family-run Arte Veneziana, has been producing artistic mirrored furniture for three generations. The modern glass engraving company was founded by the grandfather of current partner and qualified commercial engraving expert, Nicola Zanin in the 1950s. Since then, using traditional methods to produce glass decor, Arte Veneziana has been involved in some of the world’s finest design projects, including The Presidential Palace in Baku, Hotel Daniele in Venice and the Theatre in Milano – testimony to a fine producer of Murano glass (crystal) furniture.

“Each piece is blown from Murano glass; it’s made all by hand. If you take a look, each one is different from the other. That’s incredible,” says Zanin. Skilled artisans blow the glass, etching it with a custom Venetian design dating back to the 14th century, and putting it together to create incredible works of art such mirrors, chandeliers, mirrored walls, doors and unique handles. “Today, when technology is doing almost everything, we are able to work the glass a certain way that’s still craftsmanship,” Zanin says of the company’s dedication to producing everything by hand, even in the 21st century. “We are working in the same way that our ancestors were working. That’s incredible. We are very proud.”

The expert craftsmen that Arte Veneziana employs, opens up a world of possibility to its customers, who can dream up and customize just about anything they wish. “Today people want to have something unique,” says Zanin. And so can you.

For more on the exclusive Arte Veneziana collection, visit the Sarsfield Brooke website.

Luxury At Your Fingertips

Formerly known as Evolution of Surfaces, Architectural Products & Technologies should be your go-to for everything surfaces.

They’re back with better-than-ever technology, bringing you innovation, as well as luxury, in the world of surfaces.

Introducing Fenix, a new generation of nano-technology surfaces from Arpa Industriale in Italy, made unique by its special characteristics.

You could say Fenix has had to jump through all sorts of hoops to become the revolutionary product it is today. After going through an Electron Beam Curing process, FenixNTM has a range of characteristics that make the material anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch, opaque and extremely durable, so much so that it can withstand knocks and scratches. Should the surface get scratched, superficial microscratches can be thermally healed and fixed in no time.

FenixNTM is also water-repellent and hygienic thanks to being resistant to mould. This makes it the perfect surface for food, as it’s very easy to clean.

Available in a range of the most popular colours including black, FenixNTM has a range of uses in both horizontal and vertical applications in a variety of applications including benchtops, cabinetry, furniture, doors to name a view.

For more information, click here to visit the Architectural Products & Technologies website, and talk with your designer or architect.

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