A simple guide to social distancing


A simple guide to social distancing
Amid the coronavirus outbreak, leaders from around the world are calling for the public to start practicing social distancing. What does this mean exactly?

Social distancing is a common method used by health officials to slow the spread of a disease, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

It means staying away and avoiding contact from people so as to lower the risk of infection.

Even if you aren’t in the COVID-19 at-risk group, you could be a carrier of the virus. Social distancing is important as it protects those most vulnerable in society.

It’s a little different to self-isolation, which requires you to be at home and avoid interaction with others as much as possible.

In social distancing, you can still go outside, but should exercise caution around public places where you may come into contact with other people – like shopping malls, supermarkets and restaurants.

Here’s a simple guide on what social distancing looks like in practice:

  • Staying away from mass gatherings and keeping at least 2 metres away from other people
  • Stopping handshakes, hugs and hongi – essentially avoid touching other people in general
  • You can still go outside (fresh air and exercise is important) but avoid being around busy areas with other people
  • Reduce your visits to supermarkets, bars, and cafes
  • Avoid playdates, dinner parties and social gatherings
  • As with all the advice around COVID-19, wash your hands frequently and practice safe hygiene (like coughing into your elbow and not touching your face)



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