A definitive guide to pairing craft beer with food


A definitive guide to pairing craft beer with food
Who said food pairing was just for wine? Here's a step-by-step guide to pairing your favourite craft beers with food.

We are all familiar with pairing wine with food but the growing, and ever-more influential, craft beer market has seen a rise in the desire to pair beer with food.

Here we offer some suggestions on the best beers for different types of dishes.

Seafood: Something fruity or spicy

The delicate flavours of most seafood is best paired with a fruity or spicy beer – think a Belgian wheat beer or Geman Hefeweizen.

The fruity characteristics of these beers will bring out the salinity in seafood while also cleansing the palate.

Pork: Go hoppy and bitter

The intensity, and often fatty nature, of pork can stand up to a strong tasting beer – think a hoppy and bitter Indian Pale Ale – the alcohol can also help cut through any fatty residue left in your mouth creating an overall better mouth feel.

Beef and lamb: Opt for sour or tart

Try the rich flavours of red meats such as beef and lamb with a sour or tart beer such as an American Brett or Belgian-style Flanders.

Combining the rich flavours of the meat with a sour beer brings out umami (savoury taste) and an earthy taste in the centre of the palate.

Cheese: Try crisp, sweet or fruity

It depends on what cheese you might be eating – lighter tasting cheeses such as brie are better paired with a fruitier beer, such as a Belgian wheat beer.

For a blue cheese try something with a deep, sweet taste such as an English Ale, for mozzarella try something clean and crisp, like a pilsner.

Beans and legumes: Make it malty and sweet

Try something malty and sweet with beans and legumes – something like an English Ale or a Belgian wheat beer – the food will add richness to the taste of the beer.

Discover everything you need to know about craft beer here.


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