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9 Reasons why we love JoAnna García Swisher from Sweet Magnolias

9 Reasons why we love JoAnna García Swisher from Sweet Magnolias

Netflix's Sweet Magnolia series has us wanting to know more about JoAnna García Swisher who plays lead character, Maddie Townsend.

9 Reasons why we love JoAnna García Swisher from Sweet Magnolias

The adaptation of Sherryl Wood’s popular book series of the same name is about three best-friends who lift each other up, while juggling love triangles, family, and careers in their small, Southern town of Serenity.

In real life, JoAnna García Swisher’s life seems sweeter than the character she plays.

1 She’s committed to her family and community. “It’s been really hard to not be able to see all of our family,” JoAnna García Swisher says. “We’re just trying the best that we can to make it easier”. Garcia Swisher, her husband Nick and daughters Sailor Stevie, 3½, and Emerson Jay, 7, have been creating “smile signs” for their community amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

2 Garcia Swisher loves cooking! Her blog The Happy Place is full of lots of great family recipes that she shares with her fans

3 Think you recognise Garcia Swisher? You probably do! She has starred in Gossip Girl, Reba and played Ariel in One Upon A Time. She recently shared a flashback with her Reba co-star, Steve Howley.

4 She loves pottery and craft. Her and best friend, Minka Kelly, went to a pottery class together to celebrate Minka’s birthday and Garcia Swisher hasn’t stopped crafting since. Her go to housewarming gift is a homemade gift box, including sage as its ‘essential for me when I’m setting up shop in a new space!’ she says.

5 Garcia Swisher and her family are currently redecorating their LA home. Like her character Maddie, who is busy opening the Serenity Spa on Sweet Magnolias, Swisher has had the colour pots out and is renovating her family home. She is sharing all her inspiration on her blog, The Happy Place.

6 A no-make up make up look is her preferred aesthetic. “I generally like a fresh faced ‘no make-up’ look in everyday life and one of my secret weapons are the RMS Eye Polishes. The pigments are rich and beautiful and one quick swipe gives you just enough of a pop to keep it natural. The color is buildable and I smudge on my lower lash line when I want a little extra.”

7 Before she became the star of Sweet Magnolias, Swisher had planned to stop and smell the roses for a little while. She was planning on having last summer off, but when the script arrived, she couldn’t say no. She fell in love with Maddie’s character. “I was like, I have to do this show,” Garcia Swisher said. “There was so much heart, and it was about female friendships and survival, and thematically-speaking, it was just a story I really want to tell.”

8  Having kids have made Garcia Swisher realise how much like her mum she really is. Just like her mum, trips to the hairdressers are important for her. Pre-Covid-19!

9 Self care is super important to Garcia Swisher. “I am going that extra mile for myself, but without being able to visit my trusted gurus I have had to get resourceful!” the actress says on her blog. Her skincare routine is based around clinical retinol and hydrating serums, she says she is ” VERY dedicated to treating my skin with vitamins and antioxidants”.

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