5-year-old girl donates blood cells to save brother

By Kate Hassett

5-year-old girl donates blood cells to save brother
Bradley Godish's life has been saved after his twin sister donated her blood cells to cure his leukaemia.

Last year in November, Bradley Godfish was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia called acute myeloid leukaemia, which is often seen as high risk for relapse after treatment.

His twin sister, Charlotte, was in a unique position to help him, Charlotte was a match for a blood-cell transplant.

So, when Charlie and Bradley’s parents asked her permission, explaining that Bradley’s “blood was sick and her’s was healthy,” she responded with a resounding  yes.

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The family told People they “wanted Charlie to feel like she was part of the decision-making process and wanted to prep her mentally,” says Jennifer Godfish.

“So when we explained, she said ‘Okay, I’ll do it. I want to help Bradley. Let me know when you need me.”

The surgery took place in February at the Children’s Hospital in Chicago, where Charlie bravely underwent the procedure, with little complaint according to her parents.

The transplant was a success and six months later, Bradley was cancer-free.

“They’ve both bounced back nicely – our hope is that the further out we get from the transplant, the better the chances are that it will never come back and he’ll have a full recovery,” said the twins’ transplant coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Schneiderman.

Although Bradley still undergoes regular check-ups, he’s in recovery and the twins are attending Kindergarten and settling back into a normal childhood.

“We really hope as parents they learn from this – to always be selfless to always help somebody out, to always give…This shows how valuable love and life is and I hope they never take life for granted.”

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook






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