5 Mindful Tips to Improve Your Workout


5 Mindful Tips to Improve Your Workout
Working out should be exciting but for many, finding the motivation to even put on exercise clothes seems near impossible.

If anyone knows the struggle of working out it’s Kat John, meditation coach and motivational speaker. From the age of 18 to 25 years old, Kat experienced chronic nerve pain throughout her body. She managed, in the beginning, thinking it would pass, but then became addicted to prescribed pain medication. Kat ended up feeling unhappy, overweight, depressed, suicidal and disillusioned by life.

But after seeking help, and training her brain to take a more positive approach, Kat has learnt to move forward and how to deal with both her ‘light and dark’ side. She is now a positive psychology, meditation and optimal self-care coach, and very passionate about showing people that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are Kat’s five tips on how to stay motivated and improve your winter workout:

  1. Change Up Your Routine.

    Winter is a time where we naturally hibernate and turn inward, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop what is good for your overall wellbeing. Practice yoga at home a few mornings a week and have your space turn into a little studio, or do your pre-run warmup inside the house with the heater beneath your feet, or any exercises you do at the gym that don’t require equipment, do them at home to mix it up a little. Alternatively, sign up for new classes and trials so you feel more compelled to try them out and go!

  2. Grab Your Mate.

    Accountability partners may be what you need to make sure you make that early morning gym session.
     We don’t like letting others down, so having someone you keep you in check, and vice versa, is great teamwork. Plus you’ll be encouraging each other to achieve more than you could possibly do alone.

  3. Update Your Playlist

    Find some new tunes that have an uplifting beat, create a YouTube playlist of Top 10 motivational speeches, or, play podcasts of inspiring people who have gone through huge adversity and come out bigger and brighter. This will surely inspire and motivate you on those cold mornings.

  4. Create A Compelling Vision.

    To improve your workout you want to know ‘why’ you’re doing it. Create a compelling vision of you happy, healthy, smiling, lean – whatever it is – that makes you want to improve your attitude toward working out in winter. Without a vision or a ‘why’ it’s easy to get sidetracked and self-sabotage.

  5. Balance.

    Slow and steady wins the race. Going full pelt without downtime, play, rest and meditation can lead to burnout. Burnout is mental, physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion and is very difficult to overcome once reached. So tune into yourself and ask, “what is a balanced routine for me that I will stick to easily?” The answers will be simple and all you need to do is follow them.

Make exercise a daily priority with these seven easy tips.


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