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5 health benefits of sewing

5 health benefits of sewing

Here's why you should start sewing today.

5 health benefits of sewing

Whether you’re a creative type or not, sewing and putting in a few stitches is a hobby you should add to your list. The simple act of sewing has proven health benefits that will enhance your wellbeing.

Benefits of sewing

Here are 5 reasons why you should give it a go.

Stress relief

Sewing encourages mindfulness and reduces stress and anxiety. The meditative action of sewing encourages positivity and feelings of relaxation. Being forced to concentrate on one particular task enables you to become immersed in a situation and truly unwind.

Improved hand-eye coordination

If you’re keen to enhance your motor skills, sewing does just that; especially hand-eye-coordination. The attention to detail that sewing requires encourages coordination and relieves physical issues such as back pain.

Brain growth

Sewing requires creativity, which improves the brain’s ability to grow new brain cells. As mental deterioration is a result of lost connection between neurons, sewing promotes mental growth.


Like other craft activities, sewing increases dopamine in the brain, which makes us feel more positive.

It fights dementia

Because sewing makes you remember specific steps, it works the brain and keeps the mind clear, focused and active. This can help prevent dementia as you grow older.


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