5 exciting design trends for 2020

With 2020 in full swing, what better time to make over your living space? If you need a few bright ideas, these five design trends are sure to help you create your home of the future.

1. Ahead of the curve

Curved furniture has been around for decades, but new designs are providing a contemporary edge to their predecessors. From coffee tables to sofas, curved furniture offers a visually striking contrast to straight edges, and their organic forms add special interest to any room.


2. Modern Mediterranean

Blue and white are the quintessential colours of the Mediterranean palette – and this look is further enhanced with terazzo, rattan and travertine. The modern Mediterranean trend is all about relaxed simplicity and natural textures.


3. Terrific texture

Layered texture is one trend that’s in it for the long haul, adding interest and depth to any space. Natural fabrics like wool, cotton, linen and leather are tactile and durable, warm and inviting, and provide relief from a world driven by technology. Organic, handmade materials like ceramic can also be very grounding in a space and help build the story of your home.


4. The great indoors

Not only are colours reflecting Mother Nature going to be big in 2020, we’re also being encouraged to bring the outdoors in by adding plants to any surface you can find – whether it’s horizontal or vertical. Certain plants, like the peace lily, philodendron, Boston fern and rubber plant not only look great and help calm the mind, they purify the air as well.


5. Chalk paint

Chalk paint creates a velvety matte finish when applied to furniture. It works particularly well for beachside or vintage styles, or homes with a minimalist or bohemian aesthetic. It can be used to give furniture or distressed, vintage or shabby chic look.

Your guide to 2020’s natural colour trend

To balance the buzz of modern life, 2020 design trends will reflect our desire to press ‘pause’ and reconnect with nature.

Informed by research into global trends, the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2020, ‘Essence’, is a collection that brings together gentle neutrals and muted brights, all drawn from the natural world.

The collection comprises four palettes: Comeback, Grounded, Cultivate and Indulge.

“These colour trends are influenced by what’s happening in the world around us,” says Davina Harper, Colour & Design Specialist at Dulux. “With more focus on mental health, the wellness movement continues to gain momentum, as does an emphasis on natural materiality.”

5 ways to incorporate natural tones

Feature walls and small details. Harper says colours for 2020 are more restrained than in previous years. “Brights are pulled back and influenced by nature. They appear in smaller doses – think feature walls and details – and are often used tonally as a backdrop for hero furniture pieces.”

Soft tones. “Neutrals are soft and sophisticated,” says Harper. Expect a gently faded feel that speaks of stillness and calm. “Clay – with its warm, earthy appeal – is emerging as a key neutral.”

Tranquil green. “Green – as featured in the Cultivate palette – creates a soothing and relaxing environment for us to come home to,” explains Bree Leech, Dulux Creative Director & Interior Stylist. “The great thing about this colour scheme is that it works in both traditional and contemporary homes, and pairs perfectly with both warm and cool whites.”

Bringing nature indoors. “Nature is no longer an afterthought in home design,” says Harper. “We’re increasingly seeking new and innovative ways to bring it inside, whether it’s growing our own food or creating lush displays of indoor plants.”

Raw wood, natural stone and coloured glass. “From olive and pistachio to a verdant forest green…the colours and textures in Cultivate look beautiful paired with raw, mid-tone timbers, natural stone, and transparent, coloured glass,” says Harper.