4 Tips for Empty-Nesters Refreshing Their Interiors


Always dreamed of having a white couch or rug? Now's the time to think of style rather than letting function dominate your decisions.
Always dreamed of having a white couch or rug? Now's the time to think of style rather than letting function dominate your decisions.
Embrace the change in your living situation by doing an interior reset and refresh.

You’ve been thinking about it for a while, but when the time comes, an empty nest can be daunting and emotional.

When children leave home the intention of  your space changes. Instead of dwelling on it, use the time to re-set the purpose and feel of your home, embracing the excitement of doing something new.

Think about moving the whole house around, reclaiming a room for a beloved hobby or changing up the colour scheme.

It doesn’t mean you have to erase every trace of the young people that lived there, but its important to celebrate the potential of each space in your home as it suits you now.

Interior designer Shaye Ford, from Miss Amara, offers four tips on how to make the most of this new season in your space:

The Declutter Phase

Having the house back to yourself is an opportunity to go through your space with a discerning eye and to purge what no longer gives you pleasure.

Begin by setting aside a specific time to go through your belongings, room-by-room, and consider what your lifestyle will be. Rather than redoing a room for the sake of it, you want to consider what the lifestyle is that you want and what it could look like.

Create Moodboards

Navigating the process of transitioning between interior design styles can be a challenging endeavour. It requires careful consideration and thoughtful planning to ensure a seamless and harmonious transformation.

Creating moodboards is a practical and efficient way to organise interior planning, and allow you to try out different ideas and concepts. Additionally, they’re a great visual tool when communicating and sharing your ideas with others.

Consider The 5 Factors Of Interior Design

As a general rule, when transitioning through interior design styles you need to factor in personal taste and what resonates with you on a visceral level, your lifestyle, functionality, existing architecture and the longevity of the design style; while trends come and go, certain design styles stand the test of time.

Hot tip: Coastal decor holds the key to creating a serene atmosphere in your home thanks to its effortless charm and understated elegance. By incorporating natural elements you can establish a harmonious connection to nature. Such as soft, organic shapes and flowing lines, layering textures and paying attention to light.

Splurge On Upgrades

Replacing worn carpets with new floors is a great investment and can change the whole feel of the home now that you’ve started a new chapter in your life.

Upgrades to upholstered pieces in high-trafficked areas is also common, like an ivory-colorred sofa or plush white rug.

To dial it up even further, consider converting an extra bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe or renovating the kitchen if you love to cook.


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