10 Tips for keeping on track with health resolutions

By Kelly Jirsa

10 Tips for keeping on track with health resolutions
Our guest Nutritionist and Obela ambassador, Teresa Boyce explains why New Year health resolutions are difficult to keep and tells us some tips for staying on track.

Why are New Year health resolutions notoriously difficult to keep?

Many people set unrealistic goals around food and exercise and then get disappointment if they fail to meet these resolutions.  Instead we should be planning goals around improving the current regime, for example if you are not exercising at all start with 3 day a week not 7. If you are a sugar addict focus on eating clean Monday to Friday and enjoy a small serve of your favourite treat on the weekend. The all or nothing approach leads to disappointment and failure.

What are the most common pitfalls of sticking to a resolution?

Not planning the week ahead makes it very difficult to stay focused. Planning and building meals and exercise into the week prevents you coming up with excuses when you are lacking motivation.

What are your ten tips for staying on track with healthy eating?

1. Plan, plan plan! Planning your meals and snacks at the start of each week is an absolute must to stay on track.

2. Do a big grocery shop at the start of the week based on the meals you have planned to eat.

3. Prep meals and snacks ahead of time, this makes it easy to stay on track when life gets busy.

4. Always carry healthy snacks and aim to pack lunch at least 3 days a week.

5. Base your meals around vegetables and/or fresh salads, fresh seasonal produce should be the bulk of each meal.

6. Avoid the vending machine at all cost, instead snack on living foods such as raw vegetables and Obela hommus.

7. When cooking, always cook extra, leftovers are a great lunch option especially when time poor.

8. Spice it up by trying one new recipe each week, changing up the menu will prevent boredom and help control old habits creeping in.

9. Find out what’s in season and try new ingredients, this provides the body with an array of nutrients and inspires you to think outside the box.

10. Factor in your cheat meals, life is about balance and healthy eating isn’t about being 100% perfect. Enjoy the occasional dessert guilt free and then get back on track the next day.

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